It’s Ending Soon…

The moment you realize its over....

Hrmf, yes. I have come to realize fall break is almost over. I don’t know which part I dislike the most; the time spent packing or the endless hours of traveling. Either way its time to face life and get back to school and the student life in the city. Still, I want to hold on to the kind of life I got here, the friends, my family and the environment, just a little more.

Urban people can love the country side too...

I am a city girl; I like the big city, the endless opportunities, the big concrete buildings and all the different kind of people. I love spending ages at coffee bars, and it might be what I miss the most right now. And I like the constant feeling of needing to do something. That doesn’t mean I can’t love the peaceful country sides too.

I love how its so quiet here, and I love how the darkness at night can consume you. Everything is more laid back, nothing has to happen to soon. Its just an entire different existence that I like to touch for a brief moment, before going back to my usual time.

So, maybe it isn't so bad after all, that my break is almost over~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



6 thoughts on “It’s Ending Soon…

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      Yes, its probably just healthy to travel away, change environment for a moment to notice what you actually love with the place you came from. I’ll definitely be home again for christmas break. Thank you~! :)


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