A Change of Hair-do

Tried a new hairstyle this morning~ Hair bow! 

No It’s not fake! It’s my own hair (trollolol). I spotted this hairstyle on youtube probably a year ago or so. Back then my hair wasn’t long enough. This morning I suddenly realized that the lenght of my hair was just enough to finally do it.

I am kinda tired of either having it loose, or in a bun at the top. Which isn’t weird at all. I love variation, and with just 2 ways of styling it I was bound to grow tired soon. I need to start trying out new hair-do’s, expanding the number of hairstyles I can do.

I could probably make it better than this, I was in a little rush this morning and had to do it fast.

It made me feel both happy and cute~ 

I'm also pretty satisfied with my makeup today~

I don’t mean to brag, but thats some of the best&soft brows I ever managed to do. I am also currently addicted to applying eyeliner with long wings. I use a neutral and light shade on my eyes because I had planned to wear a bright colored lipstick. I forgot about that when the time ran away from me~

I need to start ignoring my alarms and get up at the right time~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


6 thoughts on “A Change of Hair-do

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      If I re-find the tutorial on youtube I’ll add it to this post. It’s just to difficult to only describe with words ;)


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