What to get?

I got these 50% coupons I need to use up at Bik Bok. What to get?

1. 5th avenue sweater, 2. Clody Sweater, 3. Donna Sweater, 
4. Lily Sweater, 5. Ruby Blouse, 6. Johanna Blouse, 7. Hanne Shorts, 
8. Kil boots, 9. Spättan pants

Have to hit the stores and figure it out, the coupons only last until 31st of October..

XXXXX ([]u[])


2 thoughts on “What to get?

  1. atomiclulu

    I love the Johanna blouse. Very classic. Could go from office – to something flirty with shorts and even retro. Wow I wish they had these stores in the states !

  2. EdgyPop Post author

    I actually got pretty disappointed, because I couldn’t find the Johanna blouse in the store! I really wanted it. I got the Donna sweater tho, happy about that~!


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