I Feel Like a Gypsy

Went out of my little Edgy/College-nutshell and did something different.

I’ve partially forgotten about all the scarfs I have, it’s pretty awesome to just tie around your head when your hair is messy like mine was this morning. I had originally intended to just braid my fringe, but the rest was so frizzy and unruly. I grabbed the scarf to have it around my neck when I when I got a better idea~

The belt makes this tunic look so much more feminine

Instead of a baggy tent, like it sometimes seems to look on me~ /trollol

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



2 thoughts on “I Feel Like a Gypsy

  1. Persephone Deacon

    The scarf around your head looks really good. It’s a really well thought out outfit :)


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