Don’t You Wanna Nanana Na

Music pop week 11? Right?

It has really been a very long time since last time, hasn’t it? I don’t know why I haven’t blogged much about music lately. Except for the songs I throw in at the end randomly at some entries. I really want to start again, doing this update. Maybe not every week, but still every now and then. I also want to do short updates about songs, like the morning songs updates I used to do way back when..idk.. It’s definitely a long time ago! I just miss blogging about music.

New Love: AA - Because I'm Crazy

A new discovery I have made is AA, pronounced double A. A newly debuted rookie group. I adore their vocals, and admire their confidence as a rookie group. I find that new groups that debuts tends to be a bit awkward in the start. Except for Block B and now AA.

This week K-pop: Wonder Girls - Me, In.

I always just liked Wonder Girls, but their new album Wonder World swept my feet away instantly. They sound so much more mature, but they have managed to keep their unique sound. There’s so many songs in this album that’s worth of this place, but its this one that I find myself replaying the most right now. DO check out the rest of it!

This Week Rock: Dir en Grey - Ruten No Tou

I finally got my finger out my ass and started listening to their album Dum Spiro Spero. I don’t know why it has taken me so long. Dir en Grey used to be one of my favorite bands, right beside The Gazette. Somewhere along the years I just got scary of getting disappointed because I thought they had changed to much. I’m such a dumb ass. I still love them.

Something Different: Ellie Goulding - Little Dream

Not my usual type of music, but I still like it. I like the beat it has, the melody and I like her voice.

Hooked on:

Kim Wan Sun Feat. Junhyung – Be Quiet: There’s no secret that I’m hooked on this.

SNSD – The Boys: The song is growing on me, of course I’m addicted.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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