School Girl ?

I dressed like this today, preppy in a bit cuter way than yesterday~

Then our classroom got too cold for me too, and I had to add some warmth.

What I mean with that is that people in my class tend to freeze and sit with their jackets of when the temperature is perfect for me, but today it was finally too cold for me too. So I added my lovely wool knee-highs my mum made me, and a knitted scarf. Still didn’t help against the cold room tho…

Sadly it hid the awesome pattern of my tights, but I think the outfit works both with and without the knee-highs.

Finally remembered to take some close-ups of my face

Tried out a new way of doing my eyeshadow, saw a movie and got inspiration

It still need some perfection tho, but I don’t want to wear THAT much make-up which it takes to get it better to school. Although I like using much I have a line for what I go with at school too, you know. Somebody probably won’t believe me.

I just discovered this, loving the dance moves. And the song ofc~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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