Where There’s Always Friday

Oslo day 1: Technically it was day two, but since I arrived late the day before I count Friday as the first day in Oslo. Sadly I didn’t take many pictures during the trip. Once again I’m gonna blame it on being laptop free, but also the tiny memory card I have on my SLR. So I was quite selective with what I took pictures of.

But when you go out eating with a friend, you take pictures~

Specially when the place is pretty awesome, I loved it!

The interior was pretty well planned, even the reflections in the mirror match with whats on the wall behind. I  was pretty amazed. And I ate the strongest Bruchetta I’ve ever eaten. So much garlic! My mouth is pretty sensitive when it comes to strong food.

But it tasted so good I had to eat it all~

Ever been at Friday’s? Well, if you haven’t you should go there. Even the uniforms the waitress wore amazed me. Maybe I’m just not that used to places with a well-executed concept, or I just love unit places way to much.

I’m struggling to remember what we did that day since it’s a while ago. I think we went to my friends school since she had an errand there, then we went eating and walking around. At the evening we meet up with my buddy cuz I had a photoshoot-deal with him. Later on we went home and watched a Kaizers Orchestra Live Dvd. My BFF is so hooked on them, its cute~

Okay, so I guess I did a few things during that day after all. It was a lovely day. Going to Oslo for me isn’t about rushing around, doing shopping, seeing this and seeing that. I go there because of the place, and my friends living there. I like how I can just travel to that city and feel relaxed.

But I also didn’t do much shopping because I couldn’t afford it…..

XXXXX ([]u[])// – EdgyPop

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