Coffee, Wheat bun & Joy

Oslo day 2: Hm, I really didn’t take much pictures this day. I guess I was busy shopping! I was hunting for a new knitted sweater but ended up with a new skirt! I never end up buying what I actually aimed for. Oh well. Got me a new Monki skirt. Its lovely. I posted a picture of it on twitter. It will probably end up in some outfit pictures soon for those who missed it.

We also went to this cute cafe/bakery thingy, so nice~

Everything was so cute, the huge buns the decorations~

Not-over-the-top cute, just cute. I have no I idea what the place was called anymore, I should ask my friend. It was a perfect place to sit down and have a friendly chat. While we sat there a woman came and asked me where I had bought my shirt. I was wearing my lovely dog shirt~ She really liked it.

I miss going out and drinking Café Latte with friends, I’m only drinking black coffee these days. The biggest effect of being a student. Oh well.. I miss Oslo, I miss my friend Live, so so much. I’m looking forward to meeting her, and Hilde and other friends again during my Christmas break!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~ – EdgyPop

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