Time Before

The time before christmas is super crazy!

Well, to be precisely: Last week in Trondheim is super busy, I’m traveling home in 4 days and got a bunch of stuff I need to do. I need to study for the last test before holiday starts, which is on Thursday. Then I have a few christmas gifts to make before I leave, and others I need to buy.

So much to do, and so little time!

Look at that list at the back of my hand.

It says I have to buy christmas cards and do my science reports. Since I’ve been laptop free, I’ve also haven’t managed to write and hand them in. I had planned to work out tomorrow, but I don’t think I have time!

Still, December and Christmas is a lovely time~

Bought a dress for Christmas Eve, but I'm not showing it before then;)

XXXXX ([]u[])    – EdgyPop

2 thoughts on “Time Before

  1. Hege Beate Staurnes

    Jeg føler meg som en stalker nå, men jeg må bare si, de Afrodite bildene Adrian tok av deg er utrolig!
    De var holy fucking shit awesome!

    Lykke til med å få ferdig julekortene dine da^^


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