A Litte bit of everything

Walking around in Oslo and seeing lot of cool stuff~

Finally found some time to blog a few pictures from my last day in Oslo, when I went there for a weekend. We went to this awesome market where stands sold a lot of different stuff. It was pretty awesome, as said.

Saw this awesome pink Christmas tree on our way to the marked~

These necklaces were so pretty! I regret not buying one..

Then we went to the roof of Operahuset once again. The scenery there is sooo pretty and since I had with my SLR this time, I just had to go there again. The light was perfect to. Love all the pictures I took there.

When the light is right it's so beautiful~

It must be one of my favorite places in Oslo. I love the view, the buildings around, just everything. Oh and I really adored all the christmas decorations that where up already. It was almost romantic walking beneath it all.

Ah, I got this christmas feeling so big I don't know what to do~

Okay that’s a lie. I have a lot to do before I travel home tomorrow. One thing is writing a packing list to make sure I don’t forget anything. Then I have to o through what I have packed.  Deciding what clothes to take with me is always the hardest part. I want to dress up all through christmas break. I don’t want to be just regular.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   – EdgyPop


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