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I cut my hair this Thursday, back in to its original style~

This haircut must be magical or something, because I have kept to it for 1,5 year. Since I’m previously know for changing hairstyle often I find that pretty amazing. It is new when its newly cut, and its new when it grows out. And its a damn versatile style.

As much as I love having the side fringe when it grows out...

I absolutely adore cutting the straight fringe back!

Lol, that pout face. I always comment on it when I see others do it, then I do it myself. Fail. I have nothing to say on it anymore. BUT, look at the eyeliner! It was so perfect that day. And I am side tracking – back to the haircut! Of course I’m keeping the side cut.

To be honest, it would just look weird if I decided to let it grow out. It would always be shorter than the rest. Not to mention how strange having my hair up in a knot would look. I will probably have it until I decide to cut it all short again. Not happening anytime soon, tho~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   EdgyPop


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