Warm Christmas…

There was new snow on the mountain this morning~

But I wish it would snow some more on the ground too~

I really want a snowy and white Christmas this year, but it doesn’t look like its happening. According to the weather forecaster there’s going to be a small storm on Little Christmas Eve, and mild weather on Christmas Eve. All we can do is to make sure the atmosphere inside is warm and christmasy.

But I can still hope the weather forecaster got it all wrong, right?

Crackling noises from a fireplace is just lovely~

Lit candles is making extra nice inside

With a good book and a cup of tea + all this, rain and mild temperatures can be ignored. I got just one tiny problem. I didn’t bring any books with me. Maybe there will be a book or two waiting for me under the christmas three. I hope so.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~    EdgyPop

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