No Xmas without Gingerbread

After shopping out in a horrible weather...

..  its nice to warm up in the kitchen making gingerbread.

I loved this cute angle shape~!

It’s always so much fun making gingerbread. We turn on christmas music, sing and dance around in the kitchen and we joke and laugh a lot. It’s one of the best moments during christmas.

The weather outside is definitely not the best...

.. so we have to make the best of it inside. Its windy and raining outside, almost storm. So having a blast inside, its great. We made two types, one with and one without gluten. The one without got really crispy and soft. So tasty~!

I am running back and fort between blogging and helping my dad with the Christmas tree. We just got it up, and we’re going to get the lights on soon so we can decorate it! This night is almost as lovely as christmas eve. I am enjoying these days so much!

XXXXX ([]u[]) y~     – EdgyPop

2 thoughts on “No Xmas without Gingerbread

  1. Stephanie Bennis

    It’s so nice to take the time and do some holiday traditions. So often I feel like I get caught up in preparing for the holidays and never take the time to really enjoy the little traditions that meant so much to me growing up. While I’m not nearly as good at making gingerbread cookies as you–I did attempt my own gingerbread house this year. Fun!


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