Theres always answers in the bottom of the coffee cup~

Whats better than sitting in the couch at home, enjoying a cup of coffee? Got any ideas? Well, I tell you. Its enjoying a cup of coffee with and at a friends place. Specially if that friend is one of your closest, both because of what you been through together and how much alike you are. When I came home for the holidays there was one thing I really looked forward too, meeting up Linn-Eli again.

Loving how the picture I made her is hanging in the living room

I got to tell you, I miss the times when we lived at the same place.

When we would spend days together, going through each other clothes and make-up, and drink coffee and talk about life. So being able to meet up with her when I’m home, means a lot to me. She’s one of the friends I talk the most to, and when I came to her place I can assure you we talked for 5 hours straight. Its a wonder we had any time to drink coffee at all!

And both having cameras, we just had to snap some shots~

And camera war is totally necessary~

Sometimes, talking with her is like talking to myself. I got so many answers yesterday, which I’ve been looking for so long. Thats how much alike we are. We talk about our problems with each other because we can relate. We discuss fashions and our own personal opinion of it and our own styles because we can understand and see what the other means.

Like how we both have been a little lost lately when it comes to our own style. How I finally have realized that preppy is my thing, while my fascination for gyaru is just my inspiration. How she have been struggling blog wise and therefore had a break for a month, and how we both realized what we actually want with our blogs. Its just amazing talking to her.

XXXXX ([]u[])<3   – EdgyPop


7 thoughts on “Theres always answers in the bottom of the coffee cup~

  1. ameliaclaire92

    I completely understand the friendship you have with your friend. I have a similar one. And I agree with the “finding answers in the bottom of a coffee cup” thing. I feel like many of the times I’ve learned more about myself is when I give myself time to just sit and drink coffee and reflect on things. Glad you had a good visit with your friend! :)

  2. astrid

    You’re a very sensible girl – and beautiful too.I like you pictures, the ones showing you of course but also the ones you did take yourself!
    Some you did take in the mirror yes?
    I’m waiting warm days when you try the little pink shorts you bought some time ago!

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      Thank you.
      I like taking pictures, I’m hoping to get a bit better at it. I don’t take pictures in the mirror:)

      I am sorry, but its over 2 year since I last bought pink shorts, you must have mistaken me for someone else.
      Thank you for the comments. I appreciate it.


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