Start the new year inspired to be UNIQUE

Jelly January 2012 edition; Credit as tagged and to Jmagazinescans @ LJ
I couldn’t do without inspiration. Honestly, none of us can.

We might not notice it but we all get inspired though our day. I like to seek out inspiration, which is why I look into fashion magazines. Not to follow the trend, but to get inspired.

If I had the money to go shopping clothes and trends I find, I would love to do so. But then I wouldn’t be unique, and most important; I wouldn’t be me. I also don’t have the money to go around shopping every month when a new magazines hit the stores. Still, I love to feel inspired to try something new, and I believe that’s why I enjoy looking at japanese fashion magazines more than Western.

It's like they encourage me to be unique.

Some might say that it’s just the same, and that it shows the same over and over again. Well, I say, read whats in the final pictures. Combination, the poses, the differences in culture and behavior.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~      – EdgyPop


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