To the sorrow that has become my home, can I invite you?

Tablo was an unknown artist to me for a while,

I had read that he was teaming up with YG Entertainment and didn’t give it much thought. I mean, of course I was curious who this person was, and what kind of artist this person would be. Then I finally read some where that he was from Epik High, my interest flew trough the roof.

Its kinda ironic, because I haven’t been giving Epik High much attention either,but I have listened to some of their songs. So when the Mv for ‘Bad’ came out I was sold. There’s just something in his voice, the emotions that sores through.

And I was mind blowed when 'Tomorrow' feat. Taeyang came.

Why the hell I haven’t listened to the rest of his albums, Fevers End’s part 1 and 2, until now I don’t fuck know. Something in my life must have kept me busy, and at some point I was laptop free. But hell, I can’t get why. These tunes are amazing, and full of emotions. The lyrics are so good, they make me think and wonder about a lot of stuff. And don’t get me started on his voice, I could probably use hours trying to explain what it is that I like about it.

To make it simple = its perfect.

‘Home’ and ‘Airbag’ is one of my favorites. ‘Home’ is such an awesome combination with Tablos rap and Lee Sora’s sorrowful voice. ‘Airbag’ kind of holds the same feeling, its just portrayed in a different way, and the lyrics and its meaning is simply stunning. ‘Dear Tv’ is different, the instrumental parts is longer, and the rap short. Almost too short, but damn its strong. And I love the last line .

"You sell my record, not me."

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   –  EdgyPop


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