Do you remember when we….

.. had fun when I came visiting you during christmas break, Live-chan?

When we went shopping, and went to the stable so I could meet with Rigel and other horses? Yeah, it was fun. It’s always fun spending time with you. We derp around with our own kind of humor and laugh so hard.

So here's a few pictures from then~

Horses~! Not so sure how to spell their names tho... *hint to Liv*

The first one kept stretching its neck and making weird faces at me! Well, technically not grimaces but it gave me this creepy huge-eyed stare. I almost thought it wanted to eat my camera. Probably just curious. The dark one was way to busy with his food, and the kids with food to pay attention to me. So I only got this shoot from the side. Pretty horses~

Then we got back, we met this cute and quite happy dog!

Aaalso, there was this genius balloon thingy on their living room and Liv decided to show me how awesome it was. So she drove it around the house, and I was running around like paparazzi trying to get some cool shots.

Freaking awesome balloon shark out on at trip:

Well, that was two awesome days! Sadly I don’t have any pictures of us, besides a pretty awful picture of me derping in her bed(don’t even ask for it). I really need to get better at taking pictures of myself and the people I’m with when we’re together.

Oh well, break from studying is over! Need to go over the chapter once more before the test tomorrow.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~         -EdgyPop

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