So sit back relax and Enjoy the Show

Jay Park - The man with that wonderful voice.

I have to agree to every one who has said it before; whether he sings or rap, his voice is really unique. And I love how he express himself, the sounds and everything that comes with his rap. Specially that ne-ne-ne-ne-ne-ne part during Enjoy The show. I love singing it, I get these happy butterflies in my stomach when I do so.

Oh yes it gets stuck in my head.
It's a really playful song - I love how 2ne1 mentioned in this~

Up and down is also one of my favorites from Jay Park’s new album «New Breed Part 1.», oh yeah I am totally anticipating part 2. Like how it sneaks it way up to the chorus and goes of with a really enjoyable beat. Ironically enough, it is the song that comes after Enjoy The show.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~   -   EdgyPop

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