Should the Eyeliner Go Up, Down or Straight?

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Just a batch of make-up inspiration~!

Pictures not mine, found on Tumblr, Galstar and LJ~

I’m getting very confused by all the styles of make-up I want to do.

Some days I’m more inspired by gyaru, but others my littke k-pop/Ulzzang fan kick in. And other days I just get lazy because I can’t choose. Well, inspiration always help, and I think T-ara and their song Lovey Dovey spiked my interest in doing more heavy makeup again~

I love wearing heavy eyemakup wether is monday, friday og saturday. Just love it. And I am a really big fan of draging the size of the eye outwards with the eyeliner wether its gyaru-ish or more kpop inspired.

Think I’ll purchase some new lashes to get me going again.

Because I have this issue with my upper lashes being short and my bottom lashes too long. Hence why I never use false bottom lashes.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~      -  EdgyPop

1 thought on “Should the Eyeliner Go Up, Down or Straight?

  1. starsonmywindshield

    The best thing is to find a style the fits your eyes, because I’ve seen people that try the cat eye effect where the lines go out and it doesn’t work with them. The cat eye is best for Asian eyes or small eyes in general, they make the eyes a little more noticeable. There’s so many different styles out there, don’t be limited to just a few. Try everything, and eventually you’ll find yourself comfortable doing with a few. That you’ll find yourself in your skin with. Different people look better with different styles, as well as clothes. Don’t you see people walking around sometimes and you wonder why they are wearing something when it doesn’t match them or how their body is shaped? It’s the same with makeup. Don’t do what’s in fashion be yourself, find something that fits you and your face and body, and trust me you’ll feel right.


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