When Trying to Calm Down I Drink Tea

To many good things are happening at once, and I am very conflicted...

… between what to update and gush out about first. Okay, for some it might JUST be a few new releases in the big music industry, but it’s not for me. Miryo have released her first solo album “Miryo aka Johoney” and she’s one of the most amazing female rappers in the Kpop industry that I know of!

Se7en have release his comeback album “Se7en”, and I’ve been a huge fan of him since his “Better together” single. B.A.P have released their debut single “Warrior”, and I am all crazy about the rookie group that doesn’t seem like rookies. And lets not forget; Block B is going to release their comeback album on 2nd of february. I don’t know how to take all this! I might explode soon!

So I’m just sitting here, enjoying my cup of tea and twiddling with my fingers. Twitching in my seat. I had to give up my homework. Partially because it was awfully difficult to understand, and partially because I just can’t concentrate! Maybe I’ll just drink another cup of tea and try to calm down… Which type next?

XXXXX ([]_[])//

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