Who says I can’t wear denim shorts during winter?

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It’s really cold outside these days, but that wont stop me from wearing my favorite denim shorts. Nope, never. Just wear two pair of tights and some overknees, and ta-dah~ And of course, wear a thick jacket that goes beneath your bum. Love the deep dull red color of the flannel shirt in contrast to the bright and light denim shorts.

And of course, the lovely tights with starts... again.

Now, I’m trying to convince myself to hit the gym. Just to get started. I need to feel awake and healthy. I’m not sick anymore, and I can’t blame my laziness on my missing mp3 player any more. I found it in a rather un-clever place. My SLR camera bag….

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

3 thoughts on “Who says I can’t wear denim shorts during winter?

  1. astrid

    You look tremendous in shorts because your long legs are straight and perfectly shaped. I wear shorts all the day and when I go outside I use to wear leggins, most black, when it’s not so cold I wear overknees.
    As I’m rather tall (1,74m) and thin (too thin …) I wear mostly high-waisted shorts, often wrangler denims, they do indeed have a very short inseam and it makes legs even longer. In summer I wear mostly white wrangler denims, they’re 11″ long (short!), or 28cm. very important is the leg opening, it should neither be too wide nor too narrow. (Just wide enough to put a hand betwwen shorts and leg)

  2. astrid

    I’d like to see a picture when you’re wearing this “awesome” pink gym shorts you sent a picture last year, they actually look very … sexy (!). Where did you buy them?

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