Miryo aka Johoney

Miryo's solo debut is way to fabulous to not blog about ut.

I am a fairly new ‘Brown Eyed Girls’ fan, so I can’t say that I knew how huge Miryo’s rappings skills where. I had noticed that she didn’t sing, but stood for the rap parts on the groups songs. I might have know if I had become a fan of BEG earlier, and actually knew a lot more about the girls. But then again, if I knew her solo debut wouldn’t be as mind-blowing for me as it is now.

The title track ‘Dirty’ is so cool, so don’t misunderstand because I’m not linking it, I love it. It’s just that these two tracks on her mini-album took my attention a lot more. The sounds, the collaboration with Rude paper and GG’s Sunny, Miryo’s rap and it all in one big combination. I like it hell a lot.

And since I'm a fan of Sunny's voice I love her parts on this track too~

Miryo is in my personal opinion the best female rapper in the kpop industry. There are a lot of fierce ones out there like CL and HyunA, but I guess to me she beats them all. Yeah, as a huge 2NE1 fan it’s quite surprising isn’t it? Don’t worry, CL is right beneath her. Go, Go Miryo! I wish her good luck with her solo career.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

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