Underneath My Skin Lives an Eagle


Had a whole-day writing test this thursday, and knowing that I’ll be sitting on those painful school chairs for 5 hours trying to write something good – I dress up comfortable and warm. This time I wrote an essay about when different cultures meet, and how it has change through the year. I’ve never written an essay before, so I have no idea how it went.

This weekend I’ve been far too busy being social to blog or even tweet much. I had fun, but I really need a quiet alone-time weekend asap. Have to get through 5 schooldays first…. “Underneath these clouds there’s an ego” – Donkey Boy -City Boy

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

4 thoughts on “Underneath My Skin Lives an Eagle

  1. Lele

    du er så søt<3 så bra at du klarer skole og være sosial:) det sliter jeg med. :p
    savner deg mye og gleder meg til du kommer oppover<3

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      Hehe, veeeell. Skulle nå egentlig brukt helga til å pugge til prøve da. Vill ikke si jeg er så flink til å kombinere skole og det å være sosial :P mn mn, har enda 3 dager å pugge på så skal gå bra ^^
      iiih, ja jeg gleder meg jeg og! 2 uker til :D det er ikke så lenge til <3


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