The intake of coffee increase with hard working

Yes, it’s the final and last day on my depth study on Twitter! I think my world have evolved around twitter for long enough now. Not that I’ll quit it, I’m just looking forward to not thinking about it all the time. Hard working brings me back to old habits – like drinking quite large amounts of coffee. I also chew bubble gum like a maniac and drink frizzy water like it was holy.

I also take off my shoes an crosses my legs, and I sit in other awkward positions too. And I think I look constantly annoyed, but I am in fact just very very concentrated.

Well, there’s actually not much left! Just checking for typos and grammatical errors + looking over to see if there’s anything that needs reformulation and editing. luckily I got such awesome family members that looks over it for typos and such. Since I myself often don’t see it. Anyways, 6 hours left! GO GO~!

XXXXX ([]u[])~



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