Go Happie Nuts, and be inspired for March~

March issue of Happie nuts have been so awesome in many ways!

One of them is the fact that I’ve actually held it in my hands when I visited my friend during winter break. Another is the heavy make-up styles, one of my favorite things about the magazine in general. And that there was some focus on nails – I havent seen much of before. Got to share some of it~

I absolutely love this make-up and tutorial, I might have to try to follow it for once. Not just love what i see. A bit lighter eyeshadow than what I’m fond of, but the heavy eyeliner and lashes compensate for it. Also love the light pink lips in contrast of the framed eyes.

Adore these outfits, so edgy and stylish~ I need to get hold on tights with dotted pattern, and maybe try to give fishnet stocking another try? I also might have to consider finding the perfect denim jacket for spring season instead of the perfect leather jacket!

I wonder how I am supposed to dress up in lighter colors when all I love and get inspired by is dark colors. Love the outfit with the denim shorts matched with a black blazer, and the over-sized top matched with the floral patterned pants. I also like the outfit with the brown over-knee boots, it’s a bit more layering than what I’m fond of. Sounds crazy, eh? I used to be the queen of layers before. I still love every piece of clothing she is wearing tho!

XXXXX ([]u[])/

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