Instagram Part I

Instagram finally got available for androids during easter break, and it has made me incredible happy. I have tried out many apps before, but no one was as brilliant as Instagram, mostly because of the community. One of the blogs I read does regular collective updates of their Instagram pictures, so I had to borrow the idea. Here is the first batch of my Instagram updates~ You can follow me if you want, my nick is EdgyPop.

Click picturesthe numbers(links) to see them bigger:)

  • 1. How it looked in Trondheim when it suddenly snowed
  • 2. Approving that Instagram is finally available for android
  • 3. The book I’m currently reading, typical american thriller
  • 4. Killed my hair to get this hairdo done~

  • 5. Cat lying halfway on the chair and in the window. Comfortable?
  • 6. Selca before visiting my bff during easter break
  • 7. Loved the cute tape case my bff had.
  • 8. Campfire during easter break~

  • 9. Driving into the white~ So much snow on!
  • 10. Sunflower seed with chocolate cover.
  • 11. Orangechocolate, a must during easter holidays.
  • 12. Bright pink nerd glasses, I love them.

  • 13. Applecake and ice cream. Yummi~
  • 14. Homemade mix of cocoa and cappuccino drink
  • 15. Snow, snow, snow. Weather during easter break.
  • 16. Easter tulips! So bright and delicate.

  • 17. Selca again, so satisfied with my make-up here.
  • 18. First one of the popular easter eggs filled with milk cream.
  • 19. Spent one night looking at old drawings. An attempt on a manga girl?
  • 20. Used to be so hooked on chinese dragons. Old drawing.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

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