Out on a hairbrush hunt

I think I need a new hairbrush?

Most of the tips are burnt off because I love using a round brush when using straightening iron. And its dirty with hair products, dust ect. AND its old. So I need to go out on a serious hairbrush hunt. Where to find a good round brush for a cheap price? I am not about to spend a fortune on it. I need more bobby pins too… they just keep on disappearing. Well, hair accessories and brush shopping today it is then~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

2 thoughts on “Out on a hairbrush hunt

  1. mamma

    Merka du at d va mindre hår i børsten da du dro herifra sist enn da du kom? :P no ser den jo bra ut i forhold…hehe…..men du treng absolutt en ny en :-)

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      Hehe, nei det la jeg faktisk ikke merke til :P Mn ja, var deilig å gre håret med en børste som hverken lugger eller skraper opp hodebunnen ;)


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