Get funky in pastel colors~

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As I promised in a post yesterday, here’s some more inspiration of the May issue of Jelly. So many lovely photo shoots and outfits in pastel colors. And so many lovely pieces of clothing. Its giving me way to many shopping ideas, but also a lot of ideas of how to dress up this summer.

Above: Love the dorky poses, and the hairstyles.

Below: I am not a big fan of floral prints, I have never been. But I thin it’s about to change. I love this. (and I’ve also bought myself a loose sweater with floral prints on~)

Above: the ‘one way’ and ‘GYDA’ outfits! Just live the blue shirt and that light pink jacket. And those light purple shoes! WOW.

Below: Adore the picture with the girl in the white dress and red purse. So much life and summer feeling in it.

Above: I love Maya Mori as a model. And this outfit is so likable. Maybe I need to get a pastel colored blazer? Not that I really need any more jackets… But looking through these magazines always give me shopping ideas.

Below: Another fun pictures with lovely outfits from ‘one way’. And those funky shaped sunglases~

Above: THOSE JEANS, enough said. Love the high-waisted model.

There’s so much more lovable to see in this issue of Jelly worth sharing, but I can’t share the whole mag. Although I would love too~ So I really suggest you to take a look on it. I am so ready for warmer weather after looking though it, but it’s so sour and cold outside. Going to get sick if I don’t dress up properly.

XXXXX ([]u[])/

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