Parade & Cotton Candy

So here it is finally, pictures of 17th of May. As usually, I’m not lucky with the weather on my birthday. This year it seemed to be even worse. It was raining so much and it was pretty sour outdoors. And if ou didn’t get wet because of the rain, you got wet because you stood by dripping umbrellas. Still, it was a pretty awesome day~!

I may have edited the pictures to look warmer. Also the blurry 
affects comes from the fact that I covered my camera in plastic 
and foliage to keep it dry.Afther a while fog started to appear 
on the inside,and rain got in the plastic foliage over the lens. 
Blurry, blurry.

Gosh, I just love these pictures! (besides that annoying hand). 
I even got one of Darth Vader waving~!

Scouts... doing scouts thing in the parade. Weeird.

After bullying with the people ,that where determined that I would
not get a good shot, for a while I(We) gave up and went to stand 
with friends in a bus shelter. Then when we got tired we hit the 
Tivoli that's usually in town during these days.

and I got my cotton candy, which where one of my birthday wishes. 
I also got to spend the whole day with him.

In all, a pretty awesome day. We also ate more of the cake I got. I ate 3 pieces. Too much sugar? Nooo. So after some pretty peaceful days (partying is hard), I am now trying to get back to the serious life. I am currently drinking tea and working on World War 2. I am taking that history test I missed, because I got sick, on Tuesday. Then I’m going to drown in my math book, because I have math exam on friday. On top of it all I got an annoying cough and cold.

But I am managing~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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