Make it bounce~ 

Wow, I just instantly fell for these two charming boys of JJ Project and their music. So catchy and rhythmic. Just love the feeling of their debut song “Bounce”, and all the changes it has. Specially that sudden rock band part. I am going to have the phrase “Let it bounce!” on my brain for ages, but I don’t mind. They are some amazing and damn good rookies!

It's also such a funny and energetic music video.

Full of colors, cool dance moves and bouncing~! And I always end up bouncing to it. I also like their voices and their carefree and lively image in this video. I really recommend you to check out the rest of their album~! Just going to share one last song, because I love the rhythm, the feeling it has and just the awesome way it built up!

I really wished they could play music like this out in the clubs~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

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