Runaway Weekend day 1

Some pictures from the weekend trip.

Took these the first day, hence why they have a “documenting the place I stayed at” feeling. Actually, I haven’t taken much pictures of what we did there since we mostly did…. nothing! I and my other half actually went on this trip because we both needed to get away for the city life a bit. To be just us. To relax to te fullest.

And it was really nice to be at his family summer-house and just stay there. It was good to get away from that “always need to do something” feeling the city life often gives. It’s hard to relax when there’s 1000 of options for why you shouldn’t stay home and relax. Out there at the summer-house there was none. Oh well, had the weather been better there would be options like walking and looking around, but I don’t mind that rain made sure we stayed inside.

So at the first day we just made food, relaxed on the couch and looked at that tiny old tv. Arrived at the evening, and both of us was pretty tired. And I can assure you it was damn nice to go to bed knowing I had no alarms or big plans for the next day. Dont misunderstand, I like the city and always having something to do, but sometimes you just need to hide and recharge. And recharging batteries is even better when you can do it with someone~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

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