Runaway Weeked day 2~

Wow, lovely to look at pictures from one week ago.

Kinda makes me want to go back in time. (but I don’t want to because I on summer break now,lol). Because of the weather we didn’t do anything outdoors. We only went to the tiny local shop to buy food. When we got back we lit the candles and cuddled on the couch. Being happy for being indoor.

We made us food and read the newspaper, where I was hooked on reading about sleeping and how humans isn’t made for sleeping 8 hours in one batch. We also looked through old school books, it was really interesting! Got loads of pictures I’ll hopefully post later~ Then we played card and had much fun, before I tried to study for my history test (which went pretty well!). And of course we drank of our stock of the beloved sparkling ice tea. Both of us is so hooked.

Then we made more food~ And later that evening we watched a movie, before going to bed. And here’s my spider story: We had both laid down and the pillows was a bit awkward. Just when we both sat up to rearrange them a HUGE spider jumped down on and landed right where our heads had been a few seconds ago. I freaked out and demanded that we slept in the living room instead. So we did…

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



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