Coffee & Watermelon

It seemed like an odd mix at first, but goes together just well.

I’ve been wanting watermelon for days, and I have tried to wait for sunny weather so I could enjoy it outdoors. Because that’s when watermelon tastes best. But that never happened of course. So I finally cracked and bought a piece to eat from. Doesn’t really taste as good as in the sun, but the coffee is warm so I can imagine that is the warmth of the sun. Weird thinking I know. But I am soooo ready for bikini weather now. Where is it?!

Actually, I’m so ready I’m going to put some pictures together. Inspiration collages for June/summer. Just like I did for April. Just that I’m a bit late. Anyways, need something to do while my honey sleeps. He came straight from his night shift this morning. So sweet~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

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