Kill your arms!

I just finished two fabulous videos of my favorite youtube trainer, Cassie Ho! And right now I’m just so excited that I have to share the videos with you. Because I just killed my arm. I am ever struggling to type. Preferably you should do her videos a few times, but whats so great about these is that you can combine them. I just did both these videos 1 time, and my arms are so dead.

Cleaning at work tomorrow is going to be soooooo fun!

I still have some (a lot) of photos from when M was here, and I will continue to edit and post them. But, I think I will put some music and instagram updates. Just so I wont bore you all to death with my sappiness. And as Cassie has taught me – Train insane or remain the same!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

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