Streets in Wolverhampton


Today I woke up with a sore throat and feeling a bit ill, just my luck. Still I have managed to eat breakfast out, stroll around in the city locating different store and eaten a delicious veggie burger for dinner. After that I decided to go to Boots pharmacy and get something for the cold. So happy that they have Strepsils here. It is working wonders. Also bought cold & flue relief tablets, which I think I will be taking before going to sleep. I hope this goes over pretty soon. I suck at being sick, and I don’t want to be sick when we hopefully move in at the house on Friday.

So, I just got some street pictures to share with you today~!

I have also tried to give my blog a new design, but haven’t been able to find something I’m satisfied with. Just choose this design as a temporary one. I really like how it looks when you go in and read entries, but I’m not sure if I like the main site. Tell me what you think!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

2 thoughts on “Streets in Wolverhampton

  1. Hege Beate Staurnes

    Hey^^ Hope you’ve gotten better now^^
    How do you like living in the UK so far? You’ve been there for, what, little over a week?

    I hope you have an amazing time^^

    All the best

    1. EdgyPop Post author

      Thanks a lot, I am feeling much better :)
      So far I totally love it, I need to practice my english a bit more. But I guess will get enough practice when I start at school on friday.
      Thank you, I will do the most out of the year here~


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