Organize thoughts and accessorize!

I realize I have been very vague about whats going on in my life. I never been the kind of person who tell much about whats in my head, but I never thought writing it down would be any problem. But I am picking up some hits that I don’t tell much. Okay, now I’m just sounding way to serious.

Yes, my head has been a pretty soup of mess ever since I found out that I was going to the UK. I’ve had a hard time finding out myself what my head is thinking. But I am finally about to realize that I am here, that I have registered at the local university at Wolverhampton, that I am going to finish my BA in Interior design in about 9 months. Wow!

And here I am strolling around in my own bubble in a town where people driving sit in the wrong side of the car, and drive at the totally wrong side of the road. Where the cashier at the grocery store ask if I’m okay and calls me love or dear.

It's all so surrealistic.

I might have been confident about my education and choosing to study abroad, but honestly, I never thought I had the guts to do this. I still don’t know. I’m a shy person. And when I have to speak another language than my native one, I’m definitely shy! Oh my, I guess I’m just freaking out a bit here.

Welcome week at the Uni is starting tomorrow – I am going to meet people! I am going to get a ton of information in english. Some time during the night I better turn into a sponge so I could just suck it all up without problem. But hey, some part deep down in me is hell of excited for tomorrow.

And another part is quite happy I managed to type some of my thoughts down. For the first time I feel like I’m writing to someone out there. I like it. Oh, I better get some sleep so I’m fully recharged for tomorrow.

In the mean time, do enjoy my cute accessorize organizer!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

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