About Me:

  • Name: Synnøve
  • AKA: Edgypop, Naoki-chan, Anaemia
  • BOD: 17 of May
  • Location: Trondheim/Wolverhampton
  • Languages: Norwegian, English, sooon Japanese (lol)
  • Occupation: Student, Interior Designer
  • Status: Studying at Uni of Wolverhampton.
  • Relationship: Taken
  • Lifestyle: Vegetarian, mostly basing stuff on respect.
  • Interests: Fashion, Music, Japanese language & culture.
  • Music: Rock/Metal/Pop/Electro
  • Contact: syngaar@gmail.com

– Favourite-

  • Object: Nerd glasses
  • Drink: Tea/coffee
  • Colour: White/Grey/Pink
  • Style: Gyaru, Nerdy, Rockish
  • Magazine: Costume, Jelly, Happie Nuts
About the blog:

This blog is about me, my life, and what I like. More or less. I blog about fashion that inspire me, about music that I love, about things that happen in my life. I also try to take pictures of things that inspire me. Even if its snow-clad mountain tops or just a cup of coffee, or a mix of accessorize. I also blog outfits because I like looking back on them and get inspired.

I’m a creative person in many ways. I take photos, although I’m an amateur in that, I write texts, I draw, I even do knitting and crocheting every now and then. My inspiration is important for me and its a part of my life.

I am also genially interested in fashion, in my own kind of way. I love South Korean and Japanese fashion, and also fashion from other asian countries. But I also try to keep a little up with the western.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


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