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Darker, Bolder & Warmer

The october issue of Happie Nuts is seriously warming and inspire me. Finally the fashion has started to take route towards colder days, showing more of warmer and thicker fabrics. It still shows a lot of short shorts and skirts, tops without arms and ect.

What this issue also shows is bolder and bigger patterns, more contrast between black and white. More use of contrast between high waist and edgy cuts contra girly details. The colors have gotten  deeper and darker, and the shoes has gotten bolder. I guess Lady Gaga is right, a girl is as hot as the shoes she choses.

Credit as tagged in the pictures, and to Japanese Fashion Magazine @ LJ

I love the before/after pages, which really shows how the fashion has changes. Even the hairstyles has changes, less curls more waves. Its seems to be more in with center separation and no fringe or a side fringe.

When it comes to make-up it looks to me that grey and brown colored eyeshadow still rules, but the whole look is slightly lighter than before.

Happie Nuts issues always inspire me a lot~

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Details On The Brain

I recently blogged about time passing by like a storm, but today has been a slow day. Every time I felt like I had worked for hours I would look at the clock and see that only 5-10 minutes had passed by. Still, when the school closed and working hours where over, time had yet again managed to do a sneaky jump. So weird, and very very playful, time is.

Still, I had a quite slow morning. Spent the first hours just slowly preparing to wake up, eating break fast and reading k-pop news. No, I don’t read the news paper or check the news on internet as I drink my morning coffee. It’s k-pop all the way through my zips, baby. Okay, some J-rock every now and then. Then I go on trying to decide what to wear, and it was quite hard this morning because I wanted to wear my green jeans no matter what.

These are my “Problem Jeans”, or at least what I decided to label them. I hardly wear them, but I can’t throw them away because in my eyes they’re awesome. With the right coloured t-shirt, or with that perfect lose jumper. The only problem has been that I don’t have any of those, until now.

This is one of my newest purchases once again, went with Lele to H&M one day and just couldn’t leave without this. Because it was leopard patterned, grey and is made of such comfy textile is pure joy to wear it. Oh, and it’s loose so it match up with my problem jeans easily! Two pieces of comfy clothes going hand-in-hand. About time!

This outfit is the perfect example of how much of a detail freak I am. I have white nail polish, earrings and there’s a white chain on my necklace. Which there’s also a green one + that hair pin with a green bow matching with my jeans. At last I’m wearing a pair of grey nerd glasses who matches my top and the gray pair of shoes I wore today. Detail freak, I tell you.

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It's Kinda Dangerous

Time seems to have the habit of  suddenly taking double jumps over hours now and then. Sometimes its all right, other times it’s the last drop before it all falls over the edge. For me, this time, it was a happy fact that I had managed to concentrate on work so much I didn’t notice minutes flying by. Due to my recently fuss over not being able to concentrate enough, this is something that made my day a whole lot better.

Oh well, did I ever mention that I’ve fallen hard for the colour, or non-colour some eyes, WITHE. Yes, white is Love. I never predicted that I would do so, it’s the worst colour ever when you think about cleaning, it’s the easiest to ruin, and it’s just so weird. Grey and white seem to be my favorite colours to dress in these days. No wonder my last buys has been either one or both of those colours.

Yes, that is one of my newest purchases. With my addiction to harem pants how could I let a chance like that pass by? Grey harem pants with leopard pattern is now one of the treasures in my closet. As much as I am addicted to white, I’m equally addicted to leopard patters. It’s just my thing. You know, someone collects Mario stuff, others hello kitty, I collect nerd classes and stuff with leopard print. Preferably fashion items of course.

Oh, I just love the back of this top and the cute little text “Love Target”. These two pieces of clothing’s is definitely one of my best buys from Galstar. It’s kinda dangerous getting hooked on clothes you can purchase over internet. It took me 5 min from deciding to buy, check out and pay for those pants. I never will regret it.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


19th of April – Military or Geek?

I am so thorn between two different styles lately. I am really hooked on military colours and elements. Like Khaki green, I can’t put it down in words how much I love this colour! White, Grey and Black is also great colours to dress in, and lately I’ve been starting to like brown. I don’t need to describe military elements do I? Buttons, shoulder pads, thorn jeans and more~

But then we have my love for this geeky school girl/boy look. Which I’ve always have been taking in elements of in my style. Like nerd glasses, I just can’t live without them. Or suspenders which is a great detail over t-shirts or other tops. And of course the look you get when you put whatever you’re wearing above down in your jeans or pants. So I squealed a bit when I downloaded May’s issue of Popteen and found a lot of this geeky look~

Ah, so cuuute~ I’m beginning to realize that I need jeans shorts WITH suspenders. I need more shorts which actually fit my body form a bit better. Well, it isn’t summer yet so I could probably prioritize jeans before shorts.

So now the big question is: can you dress geeky & military inspired at the same time? Can I work both of the style, or will it split my wardrobe and give me style issues again?

XXXXX ([]w[])y~


4th of April – Love Na Na Na Na~

I don’t believe its meant for me to have time to live a normal life this week. I’ve lost so much time on my project by being sick, and now I’m gonna lose the whole next weekend to~ It’s a happy event, my student organisation is going on a trip, mostly to celebrate ourselves, so I don’t mind. Still, I’m feeling the stress coming.

Well, just to stress down a bit I made myself a cup of tea and downloaded some new fashion magazines. Found some lovely inspiration~ Fell in love with a new magazine, Blenda. Also got the hold on Scawaii hair arrangement book, and what did I see? Lots and lots if braiding styles. Who would have known? Coincidence? I found it funny. Guess I have to learn some new styles!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


2nd of April – Tomboy ME

Oh noes! I was supposed to make this update before midnight, but then I totally forgot about it. I’m not even a little busy, this is a totally boring saturday because I’m a bit feverish. I’ve tried to read a book but I just keep on falling asleep, and I’ve tried to work on my school project but it’s kinda hard staying focused. It’s much easier to watch music videos and spam twitter aparently~

So yeah, I’m sorry to everyone that has to endure me spamming their twitter feed with complains and weird feverish humor. My humor when sick is totally stuuuupido. Anyways, I’m sick but still good enough that I feel like I have to do stuff. It’s kinda annoying. And since I’ve kept falling asleep friday seems so long a go but it was yesterday. Which is kinda annoying too.

I was supposed to blog about how much I love braiding my hair even more now that I got my undercut back~ It stands out even more now when it’s short again.

I really like the diversity this haircut gives me, and that it’s still a bit unique after almost a year. Of course, there’s a lot of people with undercuts, sidecuts and so on. But I’ve hardly seen people with undercut and a straight fringe like mine. Also, I used to change hair style rapidly before so it’s kinda surprising that I’ve settled with this now. It definitely has to be because of the diversity of it.

I really should have had some black letter boots, similar to military boots to this outfit. It would definitely made it 100%. Still loved this outfit and its tomboy look~ I find it a bit difficult to match up this top to other pants than these. I really need more versions of harem pants~ Some in different colours, and I want some in patterns to~

LOL, fever is babbling too much I’m gonna stop nao~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


15th of March – With Fur on the head!

Well, it’s another busy week but I’m back at school and it feels a bit good. It’s project collaboration week with the first year students and IRL clients~! Although I’m satisfied with being back at school I kinda miss my internship place. I forgot to tell you, but they were so kind and gave me this bracelet as a thanks for the help. I wish the period was longer than two weeks, I could have learned so much more by being there longer~

Moving on, I’ve been waiting for days for this order to arrive that was shipped on Monday last week. My previous experiences told me that I would have it before the weekend but no, I was disappointed again and again when I checked my post box. Not today, it had finally arrived~!

I am totally satisfied with my purchase once again, Galstar has so many awesome clothes that just fit my style good. And look, white and grey? The colors I love the most at the moment. I also once again really surprised how soft and comfortable the textiles are~ Here’s how they look on:

Luuuuuve them~ Now, I really need to purchase some short singles. At least to match up with the grey top, which I am so looking forward to matching up with my harem pants. Well, need to check my budget? But honestly I’m doing fine, went over 400 NOK in ++++ last month. Which I’m really surprised by because I purchased a lot (clothes, yoga mat, step counter, make-up +).

XXXXX ([]u[])y~