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So I did it, I changed my blog. Please go there to continue reading my blog ->

Thank you!

I am there again..


I have that issue again. The url issue. The one you get when you feel that you are changing and your current blog/blog url/anything about it doesn’t fit any more.

I don't now if anyone(non bloggers) could relate to this.

I have grown out of the edgypop url, and I now desire to create a url saying Sun on Edge. I have grown as a person. How I think, how I act. And the way I feel about my desires have changed. Desires? Yes, design, fashion, interior. I’m not saying I have become different person or will have a drastic way-of-blogging change. I just don’t feel the same anymore. I have learnt so much about myself the moths I have spent here in Wolverhampton. I just want to graduate from this blog, and to a new area of my blog life.

But it scary... I lose my top hit pages, I lose the tags, I lose some good post. Still, I lose a hell a lot of things I'm not satisfied with...

That is why there’s a new header up on my blog, stating Sun on Edge. I am just testing it out first before making the jump. And I need my serious talk with my dearest girl tomorrow. And maybe your thoughts?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

EdgyPop is on Facebook~ 

Hey~! I wonder if I’ve made a post about this before, but I guess it wont hurt to do it again. If you like to keep up with my blog, get notifications when I update, share links to old post for fun and memories and share blogs and stuff I read; Follow my blog page on Facebook. I’ve been a bit lazy before, but I’ll try my best from now on to update daily. The more likes, the funnier it will be to run the page :)

Click pics to get linked to the page~

Edit: Seriosly? I posted this entry this morning, but it ended up in the drafts somehow. Weird…

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I want to express myself through myself

Who am I? Who do you think I am?

Sometimes I wonder if this site represents me, my opinions and what I stand for, or if most people see a shallow materialistic girl. I have a lot of things, but I want more, sometimes I’m not satisfied. I’m just human. I love to dress up and express myself through my style. I like to let my personality show on the outside, yet I am protecting the deepest parts of who I am.

So who is this writer behind these post?

I am not in the middle of some identity crisis or anything, I am figuring out what I want. What I truly want with this site. I have always been fascinated by and loved reading fashion blogs, but that’s not what I want with mine. I don’t want to accomplish a status as a fashion blogger. I don’t dress up in whats in right now, I don’t go with the stream. I tend to go against it, I just want to do my thing when it comes to fashion.  Neither is this a photo blog, about photography, cameras, techniques and skills. I am merely a hobby photographer. Music blog? No, I write too much about anything else, but I love music and I let that shine through. It’s neither a diary kind of blog. Yes, I write about whats happening in my life

 things I do and experience, but it's not the only thing I share.

Honestly, I just want to find something unique,

make a kind of blog that isn’t like everybody else’s blog. I am unique, everybody is. But not everybody dares to let it show. I do get a lot of positive critics for daring being myself to the fullest as a person. With how I dress, what I like, and my opinions. My opinions are important to me, and I think I too often consider how the persons (friends/family) that I know reads my blog may feel about them, to dare writing about them to the fullest. And I don’t want that any more.

I really didn’t know I wasn’t satisfied with my blog until I had that talk with my friend.  And all of a sudden I’m in the middle of changing a lot about it. For example, I have stopped typing directly into the text box at the WordPress site. I am currently using an amazing writing program called Bean instead. I am also letting myself write when I have it in my head, meaning that I am writing drafts and saving them for later. So for the record, I am writing this at 01:30 am, but I am not going to post it until tomorrow. I am taking all kinds of steps to get me there, to the point where I’ll be able to share my personality truly.

Because I want my identity and personality to show through.

Without becoming to personal, I am not going to ramble about problems or weird dreams. Don’t be scared of that. I just want this blog to be a true reflection of myself, done my way. So basically I am starting a new journey with my blog. You can still expect outfit pictures, inspiration updates, me rambling about a new song or two, and more. I figured I wanted to try to make some interesting list, not the usual boring «10 things I got to do before I’m 30». I want to try to create some unique ones.

Pictures are from a series of shots I did in Trondheim in November.

I won’t continue doing one big music update weekly, I have missed just writing about songs and artists whenever I found one, or just got insanely hooked all of a sudden. Some things will change and some will stay the same. I am a planner, but  I don’t want to be too planned. I want to be spontaneous, but not too much. I want my entries to have a lot more quality in them. I don’t want to write something in a rush because I feel I have to post something. A well maintained blog, which still is frequently updated is what I want.

I think this journey will be fun!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~     –  EdgyPop

Keys to new life

oh my gosh! I just HAVE to make a short (and probably annoying to some) update, because I got the f’ing keys to my new apartment! And you may be wondering ‘why the huge freak-out over that, we all knew you where going to move in’.

Well, I can promise you that a huge burden got lifted of my shoulders the minute I got the keys in my hands. I don’t have to live out of a suitcase, I can finally lay down in a bed I can claim mine. Wake up in a room that is mine. All of you living away from home as a student knows how that feels. To have your own place.

So now I just got to start running back and forth with my stuff. What to bring there first?

XXXXX ([]u[])Y~~