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Kill your arms!

I just finished two fabulous videos of my favorite youtube trainer, Cassie Ho! And right now I’m just so excited that I have to share the videos with you. Because I just killed my arm. I am ever struggling to type. Preferably you should do her videos a few times, but whats so great about these is that you can combine them. I just did both these videos 1 time, and my arms are so dead.

Cleaning at work tomorrow is going to be soooooo fun!

I still have some (a lot) of photos from when M was here, and I will continue to edit and post them. But, I think I will put some music and instagram updates. Just so I wont bore you all to death with my sappiness. And as Cassie has taught me – Train insane or remain the same!

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Getting ready to kick some ass.

Or to be more precise – My ass. It’s totally time to get back in the gym and work some weights, I am not sick any more, and I m not too busy. There is just no excuse. There actually never where either. No matter how many tests and mock exams I have, I always find time to work out. It makes me more focused and concentrated. And it helps me sleep like a baby.

So I’m just gonna will my bottle with water, take some shoes on and put my mp3 music on the loudest! And I’m out in 5~

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Do you really think youre right about why I do this?

  • Why are girls in general scared of lifting heavy weights?
  • Why do most men think well-built women’s are scary/ugly?
  • Why do people think that girls with muscles is unfeminine?
  • Why do people think that girls at the gym are there to lose weight?
  • Why is it that people think someone is doing low carb diet just because they care about sugar in food?
  • Why is it so bad to care about eating healthy?
  • Why do people think someone is a health freak because they’re interested in food and exercise?

So many questions in my head before hitting the gym today. It made me realise that there’s no freaking wonder why I just can’t bother talking/writing about how much I enjoy eating healthy and work out. Because everyone is going to think I’m a diet-get-slim-obsessed-only-eating-low-carb-food girl. It’s so sad that most of us gets placed in these boxes by prejudging people who have no idea about our reasons for doing what we do.

 No, I am not at the gym to slim down.

I am there to get stronger, to get more muscles, to GAIN weight. No, I do not put a lot of thoughts in what I eat because of calories, low carb diets or “I’m cutting out sugar”. I care because my body feels more energetic and happy when I eat clean and right. And I care because I need to be eating more calories that what I burn to gain weight. I don’t want to be gaining weight by stuff burgers, fries and pizzas down my throat.

There's a difference in being obsessend and being dedicated.

I am so tired of suppressing these interest of mine because I don’t want to be unfairly judged, because I don’t want to get those stereotype stamp on me. Maybe there’s a little piece of me being a bit scared of putting this side of me out there. I feel that this “me” on this blog is getting shallow because I never put my thoughts out here. Enough of it.

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It never gets easier, you just get better.



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A bit inspired by my favorite motivator, Cassie Ho, I spent some time making myself an inspiration board. This is now my dash background. Like this I’ll constantly get a reminder and inspiration to eat better, be healthier, work harder and follow my bliss. This is a reflection of my goal, not who I wish to be but what I know I can do. Cassie Ho is so good at encouraging and motivating.

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