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Dolly and feminine, but yet not too girly and cute


This is not yesterday’s look, but the day before yesterday, Tuesday’s look. Which I was supposed to post yesterday morning, but I simply was too tired. Still, I want to share it because I’m really satisfied with the combination of the high-waisted skirt and my new light pink lace shirt.

So dolly and feminine, but yet not too girly and cute for me. Love how perfect the shirt sits on me. I am so grateful for being tiny and that I fit japanese one size clothes perfectly well. I must say I am also very satisfied with how well-defined my legs look on that one pic. Training pilates really have made some difference~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

I have never been so happy spending 500NOK on clothes before

That's right. Those two shirts was absolutely worth every single penny!

Well, technically I didn’t pay in penny, and technically they didn’t cost me 500NOK. 398NOK for the shirts + shipping from japan, + 102NOK because of Norway’s stupid import fees. Still all worth it!

This shirt is absolutely fabulous. The color is really light pastel pink, and I feel so feminine and girly in it. And I absolutely love the lace pattern and how its a totally see-through shirt. I need to get hold on some strapless bra-tops-ishy things, preferably in black, white and pink. Need to go on a hunt tomorrow. Oh, and the fabric is really comfortable. I was so afraid that it would itch, some lace fabrics tends to.

I also absolutely love how stiff the collar is! It stays in shape.

This one is a totally classic and feminine chiffon shirt. So elegant with the pieces of fabric across the chest and those cute golden buttons. This will look so awesome and good with all the high-waisted shorts I got, and not to mention how it would match up with my weekday jeans.

Oh, I really just can’t wait to dress up and coordinate outfits with these. Which one to start with for tomorrow? Lace or chiffon? Pink or creamy white?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Go Happie Nuts, and be inspired for March~

March issue of Happie nuts have been so awesome in many ways!

One of them is the fact that I’ve actually held it in my hands when I visited my friend during winter break. Another is the heavy make-up styles, one of my favorite things about the magazine in general. And that there was some focus on nails – I havent seen much of before. Got to share some of it~

I absolutely love this make-up and tutorial, I might have to try to follow it for once. Not just love what i see. A bit lighter eyeshadow than what I’m fond of, but the heavy eyeliner and lashes compensate for it. Also love the light pink lips in contrast of the framed eyes.

Adore these outfits, so edgy and stylish~ I need to get hold on tights with dotted pattern, and maybe try to give fishnet stocking another try? I also might have to consider finding the perfect denim jacket for spring season instead of the perfect leather jacket!

I wonder how I am supposed to dress up in lighter colors when all I love and get inspired by is dark colors. Love the outfit with the denim shorts matched with a black blazer, and the over-sized top matched with the floral patterned pants. I also like the outfit with the brown over-knee boots, it’s a bit more layering than what I’m fond of. Sounds crazy, eh? I used to be the queen of layers before. I still love every piece of clothing she is wearing tho!

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Snowy days makes the countryside so pretty

I love pictures that looks like a dream world no matter how I edit them. While taking pictures of the snowy weather I got the sudden idea to turn the blitz on, I like how it looks. Got to say I got disappointed when I got back to the city and there was hardly snow, just ice and such. But I guess, even if it snowed it wont get as pretty as it looks on the countryside.


Travling by train is so damn uncomfortable

I have never been so happy to get out of the train before as I was early at 9.15 this morning. The train travel have been the hottest and most irritable one in my life. So fresh air in my lungs was very much needed, so good. And it was so good to see my mum again, who had driven all the way up to pick me up.

After walking around in some shops I finally got home and did exactly what I had planned all the time. Crashing on the couch safe at mum & dads place. I got joined by two cats I believe was glad to see me again. Strange how attached you get to animals, even after you have moved away from home~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

2x+10=-3x+20… What?

February 2012 issue of Jelly - Credits to

I like how its less about bright colors in this issue of Jelly. I also like the boy inspired style. I had kinda decided to cut my hair short too, but seeing all the lovely modes with curly/wavy hairstyle made me wanting to give long hair a second shot.

Been a while since I’ve looked for inspiration in Japanese fashion. Very odd, its my main source. p.s that headline is from my math class, which I’m having right now. Being away from the classes yesterday was very very unwise of me….

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Switching Out the Old and Used

Yes, today my order from E.L.F finally arrived.

I was close to using up my daily powder and primer. I was basically using a cuticle shaper to scrape up some primer from the bottle. We all know how dramatic it can be to run empty of something, if you don’t have anything to replace it with.

I also got a brow pencil, just like the eyebrow kit without the powder part, and another type of foundation as I find the previous type a bit to sticky.

p.s. I love how E.L.F has a double meaning for me, make-up and fan base.

XXXXX ([]u[])/

When I need something to wake me up~

I put on some lively music!  This song – Tell Them by Block B is pretty happy and playful, love their attitude. It affects me a lot to listen to happy music in the morning, even if I look and feel like a angry bed monster. And to make it even better the coffee pot is filling my room with the nice smell of coffee~

Hey, btw, aren’t Block B doing a comeback soon?

XXXXX ([]u[]y~

Should the Eyeliner Go Up, Down or Straight?

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Just a batch of make-up inspiration~!

Pictures not mine, found on Tumblr, Galstar and LJ~

I’m getting very confused by all the styles of make-up I want to do.

Some days I’m more inspired by gyaru, but others my littke k-pop/Ulzzang fan kick in. And other days I just get lazy because I can’t choose. Well, inspiration always help, and I think T-ara and their song Lovey Dovey spiked my interest in doing more heavy makeup again~

I love wearing heavy eyemakup wether is monday, friday og saturday. Just love it. And I am a really big fan of draging the size of the eye outwards with the eyeliner wether its gyaru-ish or more kpop inspired.

Think I’ll purchase some new lashes to get me going again.

Because I have this issue with my upper lashes being short and my bottom lashes too long. Hence why I never use false bottom lashes.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~      -  EdgyPop

Clean sheets to write a story on~

2012, please be good!(above:a picture that means a lot to me)

1 dream

  • To study abroad, and feel confident about the language, place and culture

2 expectations

  • That this year will bring me something good
  • That I’ll be able to improve

3 Goals

  • Getting good grades, at tests and at the end of the last semester
  • To get better at keeping in touch with friends, call and text more often.
  • Get to school/deals on time (at least more often than what I have been)

4 Got-to-do’s

  • Go to the doctor and get checked up
  • Work out with the same joy as the previous year
  • Practice taking pictures – take good ones for my blog
  • Start doing my homework during free time at school, and right away after school.

5 I would love to’s

  • To cook and make food more often
  • Travel somewhere (excluded the place I would study abroad)
  • Read educational books and literature
  • Hang out on café more often – with friends or with a book
  • Fall in love with someone who wants to be with me (cheesy huh?)

6 I want to avoid

  • getting shit faced and do something stupid
  • Eating too much candy/sugar and get too addicted
  • mess up my sleeping habits and end up over-sleeping.
  • getting in big fights with friends
  • postponing stuff until it’s almost to late.
  • Letting my fear of spiders get me to much

7 things I want to improve

  • to master speaking english a lot better
  • prioritizing right
  • my blog – as previously said: I want to make it more me.
  • my health – I always want to, good health is important to me.
  • my writing skills, since I want to pick up writing poems/lyrics again
  • my guitar skills, I didn’t buy a guitar for nothing
  • my japanese, its damn hard to be self thought. Purchasing some school books might help me here

8 things I want to blog

  • video blogs. It’s a scary decision, but it might help me with my english
  • about the little things in life that makes me happy
  • about my opinions and thoughts on different subjects.
  • more thoroughly tough posts
  • about my style, yes outfit pictures, but I want to make them a bit more meaningful
  • about what inspires me, and what makes me who I am
  • unique lists that would be interesting and fun to read
  • more pictures – different, unique and strange one.

9 words for the coming year

  • Inspire
  • unique
  • challenge
  • poetic
  • words
  • hope
  • excitement
  • thoughtful
  • strange
XXXXX ([]u[])y~    -   EdgyPop