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Hey Mickey~

I love this Mickey shirt. I got it from Lele when she was going through here closet throwing away stuff. It’s perfect to combine with high waist shorts or jeans. It’s also really cool with harem pants. I really adore how Mickey looks drunk on love. So cute.

My eye make-up has gotten very 2NE1 inspirited lately. I kinda wished I had eyes like Park Bom or CL. Park Boms eyes are just amazing. I’m so envious. The girls in 2NE1 really is a big inspiration when it comes to fashion and make-up.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


MusicPop: Week 8 – Rabotonic

So I have discovered SoriBada, a nice page, very much like other music providers, but for korean releases. Like others, you make a monthly contribute and get to download music. This have given me an extra source to discover new music. So, here we go~

New Luv: Supreme Team – RESPECT my money

I knew who Simon D was through watching Oh My School variety show, and I knew he was a part of the Supreme Team rap duo. So I fully blame SoriBada for this, I had no idea rap could be appealing to me. But this is kinda addictive… very addictive.

This weeks Kpop: Super Junior – Mr. Simple

If you seriously thought this update would come without Super Junior’s new single at this spot, then you must be new to this blog. To me in general. Going on, I love the fact that this single got some signature sounds from the previous singles, as well as some signature moves from the choreography. This is unique, this is Super Junior.

This weeks J/Pop/Rock:

I am skipping this one for this time, because I can’t recall any japanese/rock songs that I have thought about giving this spot to. It has been a very un-rockish week.

Hooked on:

Super Junior

This is, and very quickly became, my favorite song on Super Junior’s new album, Mr.Simple. I just love the sound, the melody, how the phrases are sung by the members, I love how each member sound in this song. The bridge and chorus are totally killing me.

Chae Yeon

I’ve been listening to her before, and I have more than once thought that her singing is a bit weak. I can’t quite stop thinking it, but I still love her songs.

Areia Remix

This is adding two more song to my all ready long list of favorite k-pop remixes. Most of them are done by Area.

So this was it for this time, gosh it took a while! Figured why I called it rabotonic? I was going to let the header be Robotonic because of the sound in most of the songs, but then I got bugged that the rap song of Supreme Team wouldn’t fit, so therefore rabotonic. Lol.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


MusicPop: Week 7 – Discover the Dance

ooh, I’ve done some really good discoveries. Or at least I think I have done according to my own taste. I’ve been a great deal into songs that have that beat that makes you dance, even if it’s a song with guitar riffs sounds. And I’m dangerously heading back to those club remixes.

New Luv: Ze:a – Heart for 2

I freaked out at their comeback teaser because the only one I was able to recognize was Dongjoon, they had changed so much! Then I remembered that I wasn’t good with their names from before either. I struggled for a long time with SuJu, I’ll probably struggle just as long with ZE:A. But, damn, this is so different, so good.

This weeks Kpop: Infinite – Dasi Dolawa

I just out of the blue came over this one night I was surfing ‘Infinite’ on YouTube. I had heard them before, and I had seen their dance skills, but this is just beyond it all. It was released over a year ago, and I can’t understand how it just passed me by. Their moves are so precise and so clean it’s so beautiful to watch. I.Love.The.Moves.During.The. Chorus.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Alice Nine – Heart of Gold

My boys, or “the-seventeen-young-looking”- boys as my mum called them once, have done it again. Yup, they have released and absolutely amazing new song. Shou’s engrish in the start when introducing the song is so cute.

Hooked on:


Me and my friend was watching this and at first we thought it was really 80’s-ish. We were so stunned by that fact, so it wasn’t until the end that we started to nod our heads in agreement that this song was good. Really good. The more I play it, the more I want to replay and keep on listening to it.


Oh my god, this song is so beautiful IDK where to start. The text is absolutely stunning, strong and dark. The sound is so addictive. Their style and looks is so cool. They’re the only girl group that pulls of this punk look, and knows how to do suck a rock ballad. I am very impressed, AGAIN.

Areia Remix

YES. Just yes. This is so good, and I am happy its a long one. It’s so cool how the signature sentences are changed and used. I love this.

I have registrated on SoriBada, where its actually a hell a lot cheaper to purchase and download k-pop songs, rather than iTunes. Just a tip if you have, like me, started to feel bad about downloading “illegal”.

XXXXX ([]o[])/


MusicPop: Week 7 – Resurface!

I think it’s about time I resurface from my hiding place. I’ve been avoiding my blog for some days now, simply because have been totally uninspired to blog. Oh well, speaking of resurfacing, after I got Spotify Unlimited and bothered to use it again I have found back to loads of bands I used to listen to, a genre I preferred before – Metal, is once again added to my music taste. I think it’s growing again. The difference this time is, I’m not filling up my hard disk with it, thanks to Spotify.

New Luv: 2ne1-Hate you

After Park Bom’s ‘Don’t Cry’ I was really looking forward to 2NE1’s ‘I am the best’. Next I was carving for a new release as the same time I was deadly scared they would disappoint me. Did they? Hell no! The MV itself is totally amazing, and the “eeeh” part is way too addictive.

This weeks Kpop: MBLAQ-Mona Lisa

This can’t be much of a surprise to anybody. Gosh, I have played this so much at work, and tried to work the dance moves with the mop in my hand. This is forever my favorite song this summer. Since I have posted the MV before, I am sharing this live version which is self is superb!

This weeks JPop/Rock: Still Echo-The Inescapable Truth

The greatest thing with Spotify is the related artist feature, I clicked on The GazettE, and saw this band as a related artist, finding the name interesting I had to check it out and I was mesmerized by the vocalist voice. I love this song.

Hooked on:

Jang Woo Hyuk

That man. What an artist, just, awesome. He is so cool: the dance skills, his style, everything.

In Flames

This is an old flame, oh I loved them so much before. I still do, the new album is amazing.


“Asian metal band” sounded so strange to me, then I came across this. This is so unique.

Finally, a music update again! This time containing a lot more rock. Best way to describe my music taste would be something like a colored fluid always in motion. Always changing. It alway surprise me.

XXXXX ([]o[])/


Music To Pop: Week 3 – So Jiggy~

I listen to music a lot, like 70% of the day when I’m not with friends or have classes, I listen to music. Of course it’s great with a break and silence now and then, but I can assure you they’re really short breaks. Lately it seems like I never turn of Itunes, it only is when I shut down my laptop. When I’m not playing my own lists, which is like listening to a radio (7000 songs gives that feeling), I listen on HelloKpop or Maerong Radio or surf around YouTube to find new songs. Which Just make’s the amount of songs on my laptop rise.

Oh well, let’s get on with the list shall we?

New Luv: 2Ne1 – Lonely

No one else deserve this spot right now. I’ve blogged a little about this song before, and it’s so beautiful it won’t hurt to do it again. Because 2ne1 is my girls, the #1 female kpop group that I’ll always support and love. There’s just something about them that keeps me attached to them. I love their aggressive style, and powerful ways of singing, but I’m happy to hear a song which really show their talent naturally.

This weeks Kpop: SuJu – What if

This is definitely this weeks kpop song, or better, ballad. After seeing this performance of the ballad, ‘What If” has been replayed and replayed a lot. The more I play it the more I love it. I can’t really explain it why I would fall for this type of song so hard, other than that’s there’s 4 singers with great voices whom I respect a lot that sings it. And it gives me goosebumps. Especially Sungmin‘s parts, the one who comes in last.

This weeks JPop/Rock: Ayumi – Microphone

Ayumi is and will always be my #1 female idol, oh I admire her so much. Shockingly enough I  haven’t played her songs in a while, but lately Microphone has been going on repeat. This is in my opinion one of her best “rock” songs, and that pipe organ play in the beginning is such a lovely contrast. Just to sad I couldn’t find a full version of the song on YT.

Hooked on:


I kept hearing the intro and the jiggy phrase somewhere in one of the remixes I listened to, it never occurred to me that it was F.Cuz. I can still remember it like it was yesterday when I found their mv for “No one”. I love F.Cuz, I really hope they come back soon. Because I wanna see more of this:

Oh the intro and the first verse is so perfect, and when the chorus break out I melt, but its the second verse and the beat it has that really gets me.

Jay Park:

What can I say, I love this guy, I love his voice and I love his dance skills. It took me a while after the release before I listened to this. I don’t know why, I should just have done it right away. There’s so many parts in this song that I love it’s hard for me to comprehend and type right.


Mblaq has been doing really good since debuting in japan, and I love hearing them singing japanese. Although I listen to mostly kpop, japanese is still the language that send chills down my back. They just sound so incredible smooth, well I guess they always have, but smoother. They sound different in a good way at least. And I like how well they have adapted to the japanese music industry.

XXXXX ([*]w[*])y~~


I'm Just Another Girl

It’s about time I remembered that I had a blog, am I right? I guess I even was too busy to put up a ‘hiatus’-notice, and I didn’t want to either. These past 10 days I’ve been doing way to much schoolwork, and still not enough. I’ve also considered stop blogging, or delete this and start all over. I’ve had my ups and downs with blogging but this have been the hardest round.

I kept wondering why I do this, what was the point of it? Took me a while but I slowly realised  my reasons, and I’m happy I found them. Why: I love to write, what ever I end up doing, I’m always gonna be a writer. Wether it’s poems, short stories, diary like entries to myself or blog entries about my life and my interest. I’m always gonna write something because I enjoy doing it. What’s the point if it: To do something for myself, and something I enjoy.

So It doesn’t have to be about getting readers, receive comments and feedbacks. It certainly don’t have to be about popularity, it never has been with me either. I’m perfectly happy with being just me, and being known and read by the amount of people who pop by my blog every now and then. I do this for myself.

So its been 10 days since last time I logged on my blog. I can’t say that there has been any big happenings since last entry. I’ve bought a few new pieces of clothing, I’ve received my last order from elf. I’ve been out with friends enjoying the sun, but I’ve spent most day inside working hectic with a hotel project.

But today, oh today, 2NE1 finally released their new MV of their new song ‘Lonely’. With all the teasing YG Entertainment have done it was about time. I don’t know if I could have waited any longer without exploding. I was literally jumping up and down and all around the apartment when I saw it. I calmed down a bit while listening to the song, because in contrast of their aggressive style, this is a drop dead gorgeous ballad.

These are my girls, and they take up a huge place in my fan-girl heart. So I hope for them that this song does really great on any charts, because it’s such a beautiful but sad song. I recommend you take a peek at the lyrics. Enjoy~~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


15th of February – Badest Female Seoul City Ever Had

Right now there’s two women in my life that rocks my world. They are both unique in fashion style, and how they portray themselves as artists. In my opinion, Korea don’t need any of Lady Gaga, Ke$sha or Rihanna. They got Narsha, and they got the fantastic females of 2ne1, and the badest of them, CL~

CL <3

Narsha <3

Just super strong, sexy and inspirational females. I’m addicted to CL’s make-up style, and I love to do my eyeliner like her. I think she’s the reason why I keep cutting my bangs like that. And she’s definitely the reason why I want biker jackets and awesome coloured clothes. I’ve fallen in love with Narsha’s style quite recently and haven’t tried to put any of her style into mine. But I really want to try, because I love how she uses the eyeliner to create an illusion of where her global line is, and it make’s here eyes BIG~~

She’s so pretty in this Video. My friend think she’s Lady Gaga’s lovechild, I say that Narsha is way above Lady G. Inspired by the queen maybe, but she’s quite different from her. I loooove her make-up~

I haven’t watched this video until now, and guess what ~ I love it~! Park Bom is really gorgeous in dark-colored hair, btw. Cl and Minzy is so fucking energetic in this video its having a really positive effect on my mood. Yes, I  loove Cl in this <3

XXXXX ([]u[])y~