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MY(photos on)TUBO

“Here’s some of the pictures I’ve posted on MyTubo” sounds a bit wrong, since its almost everyone. Anyways, I have thought about it for a while, posting them here, because not everyone has an android phone. And not everyone has the MyTubo app~

It’s a cool app tho, and I love how the pictures looks when you put on the effects. It’s almost like iPhone’s InstaGram. I’ve always been envious of PPL that have it. This at least is something similar.

Now I need to figure out something to do before I fall asleep, and that means making myself a cup of coffee.

XXXXX ([]w[])y~


Work in slow progress


Right now I’m sitting here at work, wondering if I should finish cleaning all workstations today, or if I should spare some til tomorrow. Because what am I going to do tomorrow if I finish it all today?

Oh, an I am falling in love with the ‘Pudding Camera’ app, although its in Korean and I can’t for the sake of my life read hangul. It’s cool!

XXXXX \([]u[])/