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A stroll in Birmingham

In the morning of Saturday the 6th of october, we went down to the reception with the intention of ordering a cab to get to the main shopping street. When we got down there we realized it was a perfect sunny day, there’s no window in the rooms, so we decided to walk instead.

Which I’m glad for, because there is too much to see. Birmingham is a beautiful city, with a lot of old buildings in contrast to new and modern ones.

 And you know me, I love architecture!


Just had to get a picture of this sign, because I find it funny that UK need to have these. And I love how the sun sneaked its rays in the picture.

Below is the beautiful church that was right beside the hotel.

Thos buildings with glass structure seems like majestic gates we have to pass through to enter the heart of the city. Absolutely wonderful how they’re a big contrast to the brick buildings in front of them.

Interesting cross-over for pedestrians,it disappears into the building!



Over the bridge, then the city just hits you like a wave~

Lovely architecture.

This was one of the best parts with the walk, except for finding a place to eat break fast. Look at the contrast between two brick buildings. Light and elegance in contrast to dark and stiff. The red pipes still amuses me.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~





Colored Windows~

M &  I went for a walk around the river, and I found these lovely windows on a building by coincidence. You can’t quite see it when you walk past the building, it’s hardly noticeable. But I think it got enchanted though the camera. And I only snap a pic randomly while strolling through the neighborhood.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram IV

First, sorry for not updating yesterday. I hardly slept at all night to friday, and was totally out if it. But here it finally is, part 4 of my Instagram updates. And wow, this is like 3-4 weeks ago! Had to look on Instagram to remember what I said about different pictures. As always, click on the numbers to see them in their big/original size.

  • 1. Memories from last summer; Golden shoes in golden weather (When I used MyTubo)
  • 2. Working hairdo of last summer~! (When I used MyTubo)
  • 3. Flowers of last summer (When I used MyTubo)
  • 4. Got inspired to work that bow again~

  • 5. Also used my hairbun helper that day, so handy~!
  • 6. Sunny weather in T-town!
  • 7. Blue sky~!
  • 8. First joy of the day!

  • 9. A tree in the architecture
  • 10. I love this box part of this building.
  • 11. Memories from last summer again, originally didn’t post this…
  • 12. Just had to buy the bright bubble pink lipstick too, saw it when I purchased the purple one.

  • 13. Home made cocoa drink, totally needed when studying
  • 14. Dashing looking slices with fried eggs.
  • 15. My lamp that’s so torturous bright at 6AM, but it get’s me up.
  • 16. Maths? Whats that? Was so ready for weekend at that point.

  • 17. Min bubblizz and Djungelvräl in layers.
  • 18. mmh, brownies! Enjoyed it with a good friend and a movie.
  • 19. I was being a geek on Saturday night.
  • 20. And I brewed potions~!

Ahaha, those last pictures from a lazy Saturday is in such a big contrast of this Saturday. Going out with friends, enjoying life, dancing! I’m totally in the right mood, I hope this night gets awesome.

XXXXX ([]u[])

The Characteristics of a Roof are Dependent Upon the Purpose of the Building That it Covers

My little tribute to roof’s of Trondheim city and their different constructions & design. These are just a few of the many unique roof’s in the city, and there are far more to notice. Just stop walking while looking down or ahead for once, and look up! I promise, if you’re a tiny hint of interested in design or architecture – its worth it!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Elegance in the Streets

I probably don’t look at the city the same way as many others. I don’t claim to be special or better, but I see a lot of people looking down or straight forward and never above the first floor. I think I’m one of the few stupid people who keeps looking up to the sky when wandering around.

Believe me I have tripped over lots of things, edges and my own feet, because of that. I’m just to busy ogling at the architecture to watch where I’m going. I used to be one of the kind that always looks down, but as my interest for architecture has grown I have started to look up.

So that’s why I can stop and admire a building and others just don’t get the beauty i see in that “awful mass of a brick/concrete lump”. No, well, I don’t get what you see in ugly asphalt scraping cars or super greasy football players. Different taste I guess.

Edit: Cuz, to me it looks like people dont get it, click on the pictures to see them bigger! I can see in my statics if they’re clicked or not. And it would really make me happy if you did, it would be like telling me you like them ~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Sightseeing: Architecture in Oslo

Some pictures I took during our route from Akerhus Fortress, the Royal Palace of Oslo and to the city. Just wanted to post them.

Right now I’m in Bodø at my friend Hilde’s place. We’re just relaxing with a bunch of candies and music. Just talking and catching up with each other!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~