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Morning Visitors.

I don’t mind getting up early in the morning if it is to see cue squirrels playing around in the backyard. I think they fancied all the leaves lying around. I really enjoyed using 5 mins in the morning watching them play, and of course trying to take pictures of them.

After a while our stray cat, which is a regular guest here, thought it was funny to watch the squirrel couple too. But the squirrels clearly disagreed to having a hungry cat watching them, and thought standing totally still on the fence would protect them before they decided it was safer to run away.

Gotta love mornings like this~!


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A bath on the Roof

There’s a whole life in the back yards that we know nothing about, I’m sure. There are several fat pigeons, a mafia gang of small birds, some mischievous squirrels and one lazy cat here at least. Who knows what bad thins they are up to at night. Because during daytime they are rather cute.

The gang of tiny birds came to hang in our backyard and take a refreshing bath on our roof top after some heavy rainy days.

See, they are cute during the day!

Spot the flying pigeon!

I haven’t yet managed to capture a picture of the cat and the squirrels… Anyways, I’m sure these guys are up to no good when we aren’t watching ;)

XXXXX ([]u[])/~

The Port to Life


Once again playing with my backyard port....

I really liked the yellow light in contrast with the light outside~

Something that isn’t related to this; I applied for a leave of absence  for the last 3 days before christmas, and got it approved. Very happy with that~ I also had a math test today and can’t let the feeling that it had a trick question go. It was to easy, there must have been one in it!

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Welcome to my backyard

Well, I took my dear Nikon D3100 out on its first virgin trip around in the city yesterday. To practice, and to test out how cooperative the camera would be when it comes to changing settings. Luckily for me this camera even got its own guide function, so when I wonder how I can get better focus, blurry backgrounds, take pictures of water etc, I just check it. Quite nice~

I didn’t have to walk far before I found something I liked and had to try to capture. This is taken at the entrance of the backyard into the flats here where I live. Ever since I moved here I’ve always wanted to take picture of the port, open or closed. This was perfect for me~

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