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Instagram XXI

Been a week since last Instagram update, so here's how the last 7 days 
have been. Or how I have been looking, and small things that have made 
me happy :)


1. One night I splashed loads of water in my face, and the make-up 
remained intact. 
2. Details of an outfit. Super addicted to my mustache cardigan.


3. Hi, glorious norwegian coffee! Thanks for sending it, mom <3
4. Make-up and hair~ (actually, I was pretty bored)


5. Details of an outfit. Found my ballerina bunny!
6. Color block? Didn't plan it. Make-up and hair one day :)


7. Love this hairstyle, inspired by Scawaii magazine :)
8. My phone is an expert on blurry pics!


9. Frost on the ground one morning, made me so happy!!
10. Gift from a sweet Chinese girl~! <3


11. Beautiful view from the studio~
12. Reading an interesting while eating breakfast one morning.


13. Outfit from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday :)
14. My mum is the best, sending me a homemade advent calendar :D


15. Went out for a drink with friends yesterday, had to try wearing eyelashes again.
16. First advent calendar present opened! Salty licorice <3


XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Self Reflection

Thought I would show my face on my blog again...

…because I can’t remember last time I did. And this might come as a shock to some of you at home, and to you who is interested in my style. Because this is a drastic change from the girl who left Norway to who I am now.

Who would have thought 3 years ago that I would stop abusing my hair with 1 bottle of hairspray monthly and over teasing it?

Now I hardly use anything. A little dry shampoo/dust it every now and then, a tiny spray of hairspray for hold. A little anti-frizzy spray to tame the crazy effect the english weather has on my hair. Oh, and absolutely no teasing anymore.

Who would have thought that? I certainly wouldn't.

Who would have thought 1 year ago that I would stop using fake lashes, tons of eyeshadow and a fat eyeliner?

Now I hardly use eyeliner any mire. In fact, I have only used eyeliner twice since the start of october. That’s over a month ago. I haven’t used fake lashes since the summer. Although I miss it sometimes, it is not something I want to wear every day anymore. And guess what, I have gotten more confident about my eyes.

 I don't feel like they are to small anymore.

I have in fact gotten more comfortable with my make-up free face due to more natural make-up. I feel more free, that I am more me than ever. That I have finally found myself, rescued myself from drowning in cosmetic and styles that doesn’t represent me.

I can still do gyaru inspired make-up if I want to, but it isn’t a style that define me any more. I love it. And I love my eyes. I also love having a soft and heathy hair. After all that teenage abuse it really deserve me growing up and becoming more mature.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Instagram XV


It’s been a while since I have done a Instagram update, so I thought it was time for one on. I am so far behind with these, that I am still in my summer break & work. Because I need to get up to date I have decided to do double up with pictures for a while :) fyi, this makes me miss home a bit.

  • 1. Had a well deserved break after killing 4 spiders
  • 2. Make-up and hair at work.
  • 3. Music is a must at anytime~
  • 4. Eating my vegetables :)

  • 5. Being very tired at work….
  • 6. snack break~
  • 7. Always nice to have my hair down for a day or two
  • 8. Waffle friday~

  • 9. Yummy waffles.
  • 10. Make-up & hair for concert :)
  • 11. Duo toned nails: mint green & yellow
  • 12. Duo toned nails: pink & blue

  • 13. Me & Lele at a concer this summer. Good times :)
  • 14. Cute clouds on the sky~
  • 15. When tired of dressing practical for work : wear tight jeans.
  • 16. Hello up there

  • 17. Dog shirt <3
  • 18. Another “when tired of dressing practical for work”; wear a skirt :)
  • 19. Outfit~
  • 20. Still love my shoes very much.

  • 21. A moment of crazy.
  • 22. Rocks. At home.
  • 23. :)
  • 24. My mac can carry my earlobes, cute.

  • 25. Working it like a real “cleaning lady”
  • 26. Lovely tights. Me wants.
  • 27. Another want from babieyasi.com
  • 28. Ruining my tights at work! Last day at least.

  • 29. Loyal companion, wherever I go.
  • 30. Hair & make-up.
  • 31. Face after some serious shopping!
  • 32. Snacking on my way home :)

  • 33. Two huge rings, love ’em.
  • 34. Lovely necklaces, yay!
  • 35. Norway winning gold in handball during the Olympics.
  • 36. Rice cakes with cheese & peppers.

  • 37. Love this shampoo & conditioner. And I miss that vanilla scrub!
  • 38. Lovely view at home.
  • 39. panicking before going to the uk, need to study :P
  • 40. Summer = Shiny legs and camera.
XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Out on a hairbrush hunt

I think I need a new hairbrush?

Most of the tips are burnt off because I love using a round brush when using straightening iron. And its dirty with hair products, dust ect. AND its old. So I need to go out on a serious hairbrush hunt. Where to find a good round brush for a cheap price? I am not about to spend a fortune on it. I need more bobby pins too… they just keep on disappearing. Well, hair accessories and brush shopping today it is then~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A Change of Hair-do

Tried a new hairstyle this morning~ Hair bow! 

No It’s not fake! It’s my own hair (trollolol). I spotted this hairstyle on youtube probably a year ago or so. Back then my hair wasn’t long enough. This morning I suddenly realized that the lenght of my hair was just enough to finally do it.

I am kinda tired of either having it loose, or in a bun at the top. Which isn’t weird at all. I love variation, and with just 2 ways of styling it I was bound to grow tired soon. I need to start trying out new hair-do’s, expanding the number of hairstyles I can do.

I could probably make it better than this, I was in a little rush this morning and had to do it fast.

It made me feel both happy and cute~ 

I'm also pretty satisfied with my makeup today~

I don’t mean to brag, but thats some of the best&soft brows I ever managed to do. I am also currently addicted to applying eyeliner with long wings. I use a neutral and light shade on my eyes because I had planned to wear a bright colored lipstick. I forgot about that when the time ran away from me~

I need to start ignoring my alarms and get up at the right time~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


1st of March – You see, I designed that~

I’m really sorry for neglecting my blog lately, just been quite busy these past days~! Or at least this monday and today. My 2 weeks of practical training has started, and I am safely working at an architect office. Due to the fact that it takes 45 mins to walk there and that work time is from 08:00-15.30, and that I am enjoying myself so much I work overtime, I get home pretty late. It’s so easy working overtime when you’re trying out a new drawing program and get carried away designing a pattern for tiles~

Well, then it’s training, or dishes to do, and dinner to make, friends to be with, other stuff to do and so on. And lets not forget that I get up at 05:30~! So I’m usually so god damn tired at evenings that I can’t bother blogging.

Still, I’ll try to update as often as I can~! I’ve been so tired today so I really SHOULD be in bed now but my conscience wouldn’t allow me. It’s my own fault that I’m tired, I dyed my hair last night instead of getting in bed early. The parts that where previously bleached and dyed yellow and started to show, and it was quite embarrassing having really golden parts when the rest was cold blonde.

And this is the result~ It really isn’t that brown-ish, although it got darker than I intended. It will wash out a bit. Still, I love it~ It’s so natural, it’s not one pure colour, it got all kinds of shine to it depending on the light. Cold, warm, golden, red, grey-ish you name it. Natural~

Oh well, got to get to bed now, God night~!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


23rd of January – E.L.F. Gave Me Red

More packages is the mail? And now you’re thinking “does it ever stop?”. Well, this was the last one for a while, I swear on it. I tend to make orders at E.L.F. when they release free shipping codes, because I then get more for 200 NOK. I am always making sure my order is a little under, so I don’t get lots of fees and yanno. Stupid Norway.

1. Make-up Mist & set Spray

2. Lip primer & plumper

3. Mineral concealer in Fair

4. Mineral blush in Joy

5. Mineral Lipstick in Cheerful cherry

6. Mineral eyeliner in Black

7. Mineral lip liner in Rose

Just a closer picture of the concealer, blush, eyeliner, lipliner and the lipstick~

The mist & set spray was a free gift, another reason for making an order, and I am looking forward to try it out. We all like our make-up to stay fine through the day don’t me? Had to order a new lip primer as I kinda lost my old one and THIS one really works. The lipstick stays on. Ordered a new concealer as the old one is close to empty, took the lightest shade this time since my old one in Light is a shade to dark for my skin.

I am looking forward to try out the mineral eyeliner, I like how its sharpener free. I am really satisfied with my Shimmer eyeliner pencil, but with the sharpener i waste much eyeliner every time I use it. I have always wanted a lip liner, and finally the color I wanted was in stock! The color fit with most of my lipsticks. And of course I had to order a red lipstick. This one is dark and matte instead of bright and shimmery, which I love about it!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~