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Saying that everyone is happy are all lies – I won’t believe it

Its amazing what a song can do to you.

This song lifts my mood instantly, I get courage and strength some how. I just feel pretty invincible those 3 mins and 44 seconds. There’s just something about how the song is build up, it just lighten my day up. All the troubles I’ve been worried about doesn’t seem so big any more, and if I was tired after a hard workout but suddenly I got this energy boost. In other words, this song is a must after working out!

It might have something to do with Daesungs ability to sing with such honest feelings. The chorus just make me believe that’s whatever I’m thinking of it’s not that hard after all. Just believe it, that you can be happy. In some strange way it makes me accsept how my life is right now more. I’ve just recently looked at the lyrics, and I just once more got it confirmed that language isn’t a barrier when it comes to music.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Wow, Fantastic Baby.

It is exactly what it its, Wow~Fantastisc!

I don’t know how I’ve been able to contain myself from posting this. Because just before February ended one of my favorite groups did their comeback with releasing their new album Alive. Yes, they’re finally alive again after over a year. I can’t really express how happy I am. Just listen to the epicness~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


20th of January – Lashmillionaire

Yes, I keep getting stuff in my mail box, and this is seriously fast delivery. I ordered this last Wednesday, and they said it would take around 18 days with airmail, but I got it just after 6 days. That I call good service. So it  was a pleasant surprise when I checked my mailbox~ And this package contains a lot of love, love and loooove. Cheap love~~

– Two styles of under lashes (x10)

– 10 pair of natural lashes

– 4 bottles of glue (freaking super glue)

– Instant heat lash curler

– 240 individual lashes

– Strawberry sponge curler

I’m a lashmillionaire! Right now my only problem is that the eyelash glue is so super strong that I need adhesive remover to use the lashes, if I want them and the glue of my lids. No problem to order that since it’s so cheap! The most expensive item I bought this time cost 40NOK with shipping. It’s like NOTHING… eBay can be dangerous.

I love this song! It’s so addictive. I’ve been playing it over and over all day. Seungri’s V.V.I.P. solo album is just so good~!

XXXXX ([]u[])/