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Dogs & Outdoors


Due to the lack of dressing up there has been more or less none outfit post coming from me this summer. The reason behind is because I am working as a cleaner for almost 5 weeks how, and have been set on dressing practical for work. I don’t want to wear my beloved shirts and ruin them at work. And I don’t think it’s properly to dress up in high-waisted shorts.

But today I was sick and tired of being practical so I wore jeans at work, and it went just fine! After work I decided to doll up a little in order to stay awake, and go outside to get some fresh air. I took my beloved camera with me and went walking around the lot snapping pictures and hunting for the perfect “photo set”. This place of course requires that there hasn’t been raining during the day. But at least I’m back~

And gosh – I love wearing my lovely dog print shirt from the 5×5 collection of Bik Bok.

XXXXX ([]u[])y~



Hello From Yesterday

Wanted to dress to be a little comfy during my all-day test this Tuesday

Yup, I love my knitted sweater so much~

Just posting my outfits from the past two days, yesterday and tuesday. Never got around to do it before now. I always have time on thursdays, short school days and rarely have plans. This time I do tho, a friend is coming over and we’re going to watch a movie.

Anyways~ I am steadily growing fond of the shirt+sweater style. I am carving more shirts, tights and knitted sweaters. Not to forget shorts. I finally wore my new shorts yesterday ( I seriously have to stop typing yestarday everytime).

It goes really well with my baseball jackets~! 

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Lost in Bliss

I've been talking much about shopping lately, time to show some purchases!

Finally got me a knitted sweater, I’ve been wanting one for so long! With the discount coupon I got it for half the price~! I find it weird that I wanted it in this pink color instead of grey, but I guess I just like it. It’s not something new that I like pink, I just rarely choose to dress in it. Time for a change maybe?

I’ve been drooling on that 5×5 limited edition shirt ever since it came out in the stores, it’s probably one of the reasons why I have started liking shirts so much. Patience pays of apparently, because it was in sale this weekend, and I got it for just 99 NOK (original price:399NOK).

I also bought this shorts that I thought was hideous first...

Then I remembered how much I love high waist shorts and how much I wanted another one. Now, the challenge is to find out which of these I’m going to wear tomorrow.

XXXXX ([]u])y~


Baseball on Sale

Yesterday I went out with my sister to check out the sale at a mall. You never know what you’ll find there. It was also nice spending time with her, we had a good time & laughed a lot. I had hoped to find some flat shoes on sale, but as usual even size 36 is to big for me. So the only solution I have is to find that on internet.

Still, I came across something that did catch my eyes – baseball jackets!

I absolutely adore the green jacket, its thick and warm so it will be good having at cold fall days. It also got the feeling of being a “real” baseball jacket, ‘cuz of the material used on the arms and edges of neck and wrist.

The blue one I actually have from before, but in grey. Since I love it and use it all the time, and not to forget that the deep blue colour goes pretty well with the navy “King” cap I have, I just had to have this one too.

They both were on sale so; 79NOK for the green one who originally cost around 600NOK, and just 49 for the navy one that originally cost around 300NOK. That’s what I call a real good deal. I love sale indeed!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~