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Parade & Cotton Candy

So here it is finally, pictures of 17th of May. As usually, I’m not lucky with the weather on my birthday. This year it seemed to be even worse. It was raining so much and it was pretty sour outdoors. And if ou didn’t get wet because of the rain, you got wet because you stood by dripping umbrellas. Still, it was a pretty awesome day~!

I may have edited the pictures to look warmer. Also the blurry 
affects comes from the fact that I covered my camera in plastic 
and foliage to keep it dry.Afther a while fog started to appear 
on the inside,and rain got in the plastic foliage over the lens. 
Blurry, blurry.

Gosh, I just love these pictures! (besides that annoying hand). 
I even got one of Darth Vader waving~!

Scouts... doing scouts thing in the parade. Weeird.

After bullying with the people ,that where determined that I would
not get a good shot, for a while I(We) gave up and went to stand 
with friends in a bus shelter. Then when we got tired we hit the 
Tivoli that's usually in town during these days.

and I got my cotton candy, which where one of my birthday wishes. 
I also got to spend the whole day with him.

In all, a pretty awesome day. We also ate more of the cake I got. I ate 3 pieces. Too much sugar? Nooo. So after some pretty peaceful days (partying is hard), I am now trying to get back to the serious life. I am currently drinking tea and working on World War 2. I am taking that history test I missed, because I got sick, on Tuesday. Then I’m going to drown in my math book, because I have math exam on friday. On top of it all I got an annoying cough and cold.

But I am managing~

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


Pink and sweet!

There's no such thing as too old for it or to pink.

This was the birthday cake I got from some lovely friends~! Love it so much, I don’t think I have the heart to throw away what I haven’t eaten up yet. And I have eaten A LOT. I had such a great celebration on the night of the 16th. Spend time with lovely people, got cake and gifts, and went out and got a birthday drink. Then on my birthday, which I share with my entire nation, I went out to see the parade and eat cotton candy. In other words = Perfect.

So, this is mainly why I haven’t been blogging much lately. Not an excuse, just a fact. I’ve also been a little lazy. Might be because of the cake. Anyways, I’ve finally gotten around to editing some pictures from the parade, which I think I’ll post tomorrow :)

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

Light It Up, Cupcake

Ah, my teeth aches, I’ve eaten too much sugar today! It’s been such a sweet and happy day, I couldn’t have smiled more or been have more energy left although I should be tired. Considering I was up until 3 AM backing cookies, and that I was up half past eight this morning! Woke up for some unknown reason so I was just chillin’ it in bed when my sister called and she sang me a birthday song! It made me really happy~!

It also made me really happy that I got to meet her today, although it weren’t for so long I am really happy I got to see her. Because we’re both really busy with school and such so it’s hard for us to meet up. Still, I really hope I get to see her again soon~ Took a picture like this last year so I had to do it again:

So what is causing this toothache? I, LeLe and JP went to Fairytale Cupcakes, this lovely little sweet cafe who is making homemade cupcakes of all kinds. That place was just so cute it was always causing me to get diabetes. Also, the cupcake tasted so delicious. I got one with raspberry topping, and it even was raspberries inside. Soo gooooooood~Then we went on and bought ourselves some pink cotton candy. And with cotton candy, joy, sugar rush and funny pictures follows!

These pictures aren’t mine, therefore untagged. They belong to my beloved friend LeLe so credit goes to her, and the photographer JP. Whom had to endure these two girls giggling madly while posing not caring about people around us. Cute huh? Well, after coming down from the rush we decided to walk home and eat some more sweets, my home-made cookies!

After all this I think I should order me an appointment at the dentist to clean my sweet tooth. Still, the memories and the taste it something to savior for a good time.

Oh and I got a present! From my beloved darlings in apartment nr. 24. That clever girl took me out for some shopping and remembered some stuff I looked really dearly at. I really wanted that fake tail thingy, and that t-shirt. New treasures to put in my closet is a win! Also a new piece to add to my leopard-collection.

Tired girl is tired, but grateful and happy for the events of this day. Didn’t I say I would make the best out of it sick or not? It’s now time to wash of todays face, errh make-up, and go to bed packed in clothes hoping to burn out this sickness soon~ Also, I can’t wait for the pack from mom to come, it has to come tomorrow!

XXXXX ([]u[])y~


DR. Feel Good

Well, isn’t it just my luck or what. I want to go back to getting sick in holidays only, because being sick when your busy sucks! My friend is calling me workaholic because I get more worried and stress for every day of possibly work time I lose. I guess I am anyway, that’s what happen when you want to go out of school with a good grade. A grade that satisfy myself at least, and that  got to be higher than C, but it doesn’t look so bright right now.

Anyways, PPL in the apartment next to me and above seem to be in a good mood. Shouting & playing loud music. I’m not surprised, its 16th of may. I’m actually more surprised that there isn’t more party life around here. Thought this was the big party night. Yes, it’s 17th of May tomorrow, it’s Norway “birthday”. And yes, I’m turning freaking 21 tomorrow.

It’s not that it bothers me to get older, okay, that was a HUGE lie. I am freaking scared of getting older, because I am freaking scared of the fact that I have to die one day. Still, I have to except the fact that I can’t do anything about it. So, no that’s not the bit IT. The big IT is that it doesn’t FEEl right. It doesn’t feel like it’s my birthday tomorrow, it doesn’t feel like that big day anymore. Because when you grow up your birthday gets smaller, until it becomes something that almost doesn’t exist. That’s the disadvantage of being a student away from home & away from friends.

Okay, enough of this crap, I’m in a foul mood because I’m sick. I am going to make the best out of tomorrow, sick or not. I & my friends are going to go downtown buying me cotton candy, and I’m going to meet my sister. I am really looking forward to see her! And if I’m up to it I’m going to the amusement park-thing and take a carousel or something. YAY~!

Unf, I love Rania. I hate ppl bashing on them because of their sexy image. I love them for being bold enough for debuting with such an image and not going for the cute girl thing. And I freaking love their voices, so powerful and strong. So all the cute girls group with fluffy voices of a 13th year old girl who hardly knows how to sing can just go to bed asap. Foul mood is on again, ugh, BYE!

XXXXX /([]N[])/