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Kitty cute~

This is our youngest cat, she’s a few years now but is still young and cute. Oh who am I kidding, cats are cute whatever their age is!  Anyways~On sunday when I got home and was about to get in bed she started to pose on the couch. She was being cute while demanding to get scratched, and I just couldn’t overlook it anymore, I had to snap some pictures.

Isn’t she cute?

XXXXX ([]u[])y~

A ball of memorires~

There’s a sculpture in this city that I always walk past when visiting a friend. I’ve always wondered what it was about, and my curiosity finally made me go read the sign. Apparently it purpose is to make people reflect and think over things. Or something like that. And you know what? This sculpture makes me think and wonder over things.

It also makes me think about different memories.

But there’s also a designer inside me that loves the use of materials and shapes. And lets not forget the light at night when it gets darker. I’ve seen it in many different colors, but my favorite is when its light purple. So delicate.

I finally snapped some pictures of it too~

XXXXX ([]u[])/

Welcome to my backyard

Well, I took my dear Nikon D3100 out on its first virgin trip around in the city yesterday. To practice, and to test out how cooperative the camera would be when it comes to changing settings. Luckily for me this camera even got its own guide function, so when I wonder how I can get better focus, blurry backgrounds, take pictures of water etc, I just check it. Quite nice~

I didn’t have to walk far before I found something I liked and had to try to capture. This is taken at the entrance of the backyard into the flats here where I live. Ever since I moved here I’ve always wanted to take picture of the port, open or closed. This was perfect for me~

XXXXX ([]u[])/